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What Was The Last Movie You Watched?


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Watched Butterfly Effect with the missus last night. I thought it was a great film but it went right over her head.



i've only seen the directors cut which was without a doubt one of the most depressing films i've ever seen.

you keep expecting something good to happen to pick it up but it just doesnt - total misery! :(

was no bad though. ;)

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I thought it was a novel idea and well executed. It was a bit too far fetched to find depressing, IMO.


well not depressing but i just mean that nothing good/positive happens in the film - it's misery from start to finish. i thought it was an ok film, 7/10.

the dog getting tied in the bag, covered in petrol, and burnt to a crisp was pretty depressing though....

but then i'm a dog lover

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Alien on the box last night. 26 years old and still terrific 10/10 (best viewed with all the lights off  ;) )


I hear that !! And also best viewed with surround sound so the wife almost pishes herself when the Alien attacks Dallas !! :lol:

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