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Who'll be the top scorer?

There's too many possibilities for a poll so just fire away. I think with the group Brazil are in, one of their attacking players has a good chance of racking up a few in the group stages with the type of football they play. That being said they don't have a real out and out striker as far as I'm aware so maybe not.

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Depends on if Portugal get out their group, cause if they do I'll say Ronaldo.

If not, someone like Suarez has a shot, outside bet of Balotelli perhaps, he takes penalties and free-kicks so is always likely to grab a few.

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Hopefully it'll be Benteke so we can whack another £10 million on the asking price.

what will be the total asking price then after last nights shocker? :P

I would say Neymar has to be an obvious shout as he is Brazil's main man. Then you have Messi, Negredo who has been scoring for Spain, RVP could be up there as Holland seem to score high amounts at tournaments and any attacker from zie Germans.

Outside bet Dzeko?

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