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Fargo (TV series)

Mr. Brightside

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Starts on the 20th of April here and the 15th in America. I must say it looks very promising from the few brief trailers I've seen, the film was brilliant and pretty understated and this looks the same. Anyone else looking forward to it, eh?

You bet. What channel is it on?

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Just seen a new trailer for it on Ch4 and I see Bob Odenkirk who plays Saul in Breaking Bad is in it, another reason to watch I suppose!!!

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Must admit I didn't quite 'get' Fargo when I watched it many years ago (I was possibly too young to really appreciate it)

The early reviews of the TV show suggest it could be a very good show so I will try to make a point of watching it tonight, the cast alone means it will be very watchable.

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