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Man crushes


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Have you ever had the situation where there's a man who you have all the same feelings towards as when you fancy a girl like f**k, except you have no desire to actually have sex with them? I think we all have really, there's nothing wrong or homosexual (not that being gay is wrong anyway) about it, it's perfectly natural to experience some platonic man love now and again. A good friend of mine really, really, really fancies Ryan Reynolds, he actually watches shit rom-coms because he's in them. Who is your man crush?

I apologise for the clichéd answer, but mine is Ryan Gosling. I sometimes watch Ryan Gosling interviews on Youtube because he's such a babe, that fake New York accent as well hmmmmm. Here's RyGos breaking up a street fight, is there nothing he can't do?


Other man crushes include Michael Fassbender, Olivier Giroud, Calvin Harris and Aaron Paul. Closer to home I'd nominate Owain Tudor-Jones. I never noticed until very recently how tidy is, it's like something from a film where the guy realises the one he loves has been in front of him the whole time.



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Owain Tudor Jones

Eoin Doyle

Dean Ambrose

The Rock

John Collins and his six pack

Another mate of mine really likes The Rock too.

Good looking man, but a bit too muscly for me these days. He's like Akinfenwa just now.

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Makes me genuinely sad to think that any of you would meet a man you fancied, but wouldn't act on it due to a crippling fear of being labelled.

If you like him, get tore in. None of this #nohomo pish.

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Gomorrah, makes The Sopranos look like fat phony macaronis.

Some of the clothes and styling on it are beyond #dece. How can you have a pony tail, neck brace and smoke an e-cig and still look cool as f**k?


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