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Montrose v Clyde

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let's get this party started the Clyde championship juggernaut rolls into montrose Saturday , great result for the Mo on Saturday minor blip from bully wee

hopefully mclaughlin back and maybe a start for Ferguson can't see anything but a Clyde win if we play the way we did first 25 on Saturday

3 1 Gormley Campbell Ferguson

that gives me four full days to do a u turn if necessary ????

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Haha that's what I get for posting half asleep while fighting with auto correct.

Even my phone won't acknowledge the existence of cumbernauld and 9 should be plenty for the juggernaut that is Clyde. Give us a all a chance.

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No plan B.

If like last week we dont score in the first 15/20 mins i reckon we will struggle again.

Get cuffed the morra n the season will become a worry, maybe not bottom o the league worry, but not winning the league worry.

I fkn hate montrose, but will still be there.


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