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Holyrood 2016 Predictions


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With a week to go to the Holyrood elections, is anyone interested in a wee game to try and forecast the likely outcome.  I thought it would be best to keep it simple, so all you have to do is predict the number of seats for the main parties (those that are likely to pick up more than a couple of seats) and others. eg my prediction is:


SNP  73

Labour  23

Conservative 19

Liberal Democrat  5

Green  8

Others 1


If you get a number spot on, you'll get five points.  For each seat that your prediction is out by, you get one point less (down to zero, there are no negative points for being more than 5 seats out). 


There are 129 seats up for grabs – 73 constituency and 56 list MSPs, but you don’t need to worry about the constituency/list split – only the total.  Your guesses don’t have to add up to 129, although I can’t see any advantage of not doing so.


Please post your predictions in this thread.  If you want to change your numbers please post again, rather than editing, as I might not pick up changes to old posts. I’ll accept entries up to midnight on Wednesday 4th May.


No prizes for the winners I’m afraid, other that the smug satisfaction of knowing you are the Nate Silver of the PNB political forum.


Good Luck

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Wee Willie and StreetwiseHercules, can you please split out the Lib Dem vote from 'other', unless of course you are predicting zero for them :lol:


SNP:     74

Tories:  21

Slab:     21

Green:  08

Libs:     03

Others: 02


Unionists :))

whit are they like :lol:

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