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Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

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I'm happy for Hammell, and I'm glad we went through the proper process rather than just handing it to him, as we've seen with lasley before, no one is guaranteed the job. I think the majority of us will be desperate for him to succeed, and I get more of a manager vibe from him than Las ever had (prob doesn't mean anything).

As intriguing as Simo was, as far as former players go, Hammell eclipses him in what he's done for the club, he just happens to still be here so isn't as shiny. I think we've probably seen the last of Simo applying though.

I can understand why some may see this as a less than exciting appointment, which I get since half the fun of football is new players and managers, but there's also a section of our support that would have been ragin either way.

I think this is a good appointment in the short term, since he's already done his homework on what we need, and knows our league. The risk of outsiders is you can end up with Baraclough types that just don't know the league, and they sign the wrong players. Long term could be interesting.

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So he's the first former/current player to be appointed manager since Davies taking over from Kampman (we finished 7th then 4th and 8th).

I'm genuinely interested to see who he's got earmarked to come in and whether there's a divergence from our usual recruitment.

As an aside, when does Faddy get announced as being on the coaching staff?

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5 minutes ago, thisGRAEME said:

 That feels like an absolute stick on for us.

Yeah Simms seems to have pushed him down the order. He’s rapid any time I’ve seen him.

Issue is he may aspire to Hearts wages or want to go back down south.

Not a lot to distinguish between him and Woolery except he maybe doesn’t like Kebabs?

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100% behind this appointment.  Yes it could come under the banner of being a massive risk but this isn't like your typical ex player appointment where they've stopped playing , bounced about a few media commitments then decided they fancy the gig.  The fact that he's already acknowledged that GA had left us in a sh*te position playing sh*te fitba and he has plans to fix that gives me confidence in him. Noone else will have his knowledge or passion for the club and if we need to turn the season round we need someone to hit the ground running not spending months acclimatising and then trying to perform major surgery in January.  

Confident he will do well , have us safe from the drop and playing decent football before getting poached by St Mirren next summer.  

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Running through the names that had variously been linked (tenuously or otherwise):

  • Simo Valakari - would need a visa/work permit, hasn't been involved with Scottish fitba' in 20 odd years
  • David Healy - only management experience has been with Linfield
  • Mark Fotheringham - zero management experience albeit assistant coach at a big German club
  • Kevin Thomson - RangersTV shill and general shitehawk, professional job applicant
  • Duncan Ferguson - 50, has managed 5 first team games in his career
  • Paul Lambert - chased by Ipswich 2 years ago, last seen falling out with the press in Suffolk
  • Neil Lennon - currently in Cyprus, fucked The 10, could start a fight in an empty room
  • Malky Mackay - sexist, racist, anti-Semite
  • Stephen Robinson - was on course to relegate us when he resigned currently on 26% win rate at St Mirren (who Hammell beat the other week)
  • Stephen McManus - zero first team management experience
  • Darren O'Dea - zero first team management experience, fucked off to Celtic after a month the last time he was here

I mean, I'm being facetious with that list but the more I think about it the more it kind of makes sense to at least give Hammell a go given he's actually in the building and he seems motivated to fix the situation Alexander has left behind.

In a weird way the only actual risk with Hammell whether or not he's a good coach.

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1 hour ago, 'WellDel said:

This season is obviously going to be massively transitional, and everyone is going to need to accept and buy into that

I think this is spot on - except this season was - explicitly - not meant to be that as we supposedly built the team last season so we could be up and running with only a small number of ins-and-outs. Surely got to be one of the most frustrating things amongst the wreckage of GA's time. 

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10 minutes ago, capt_oats said:

the more I think about it the more it kind of makes sense to at least give Hammell a go given he's actually in the building and he seems motivated to fix the situation Alexander has left behind.

Aye. It might all go pear shaped, but at least there'll be the consolation of knowing as we go down that the manager is feeling the pain every bit as much as the fans, which is more than can be said for most of the fly-by-night chancers that circulate in the Scottish game.

For the avoidance of doubt, that last sentence is intended to be 100% serious. And on the flip side, just imagine the delirium if - against all the odds - we somehow win an actual cup at some point. (I was going to say "European tie" rather than "cup" there, but that would be a step too far.)

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