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Celtic v Rangers

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Dunno if I'm actually starting to warm to Rangers, they just don't give a flying f**k anymore, absolutely zero fucks given they've sunk so low there's no coming back.

It's quite admirable.

That statement man holy f**k. They must realise everybody is wetting themselves with laughter and sensing an extreme irony overload whilst reading it, they must!!! :lol:

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12 minutes ago, TheGoon said:

That statement, sensational.

In full...


Club 1872 Calls for Ibrox Ban for Celtic Fans

12 September, 2016

Club 1872 has reviewed pictorial and video evidence of the disgusting behaviour of sections of the Celtic support during the Old Firm game on Saturday. In light of this, we have today written to the Rangers board requesting that they ban Celtic supporters from Ibrox until Celtic can prove that they have taken substantive action against the Green Brigade and other overtly sectarian elements within their support.

The Green Brigade has been cultivated, encouraged and rewarded by Peter Lawwell and the Celtic board for many years. So much so that at the beginning of this year they received their own standing section within Celtic Park. This is despite regular displays in support of active terrorist groups, anti semitic displays and sectarian displays.

At the Old Firm game on Saturday the Green Brigade displayed sectarian banners which read “Kill All ****” and “Know Your Place *** Scum”. They also displayed banners in support of the IRA. This follows on from similar banners at last year’s Scottish Cup semi-final. They were joined by other Celtic supporters, in a separate part of the ground, who hung effigies of Rangers supporters with their hands tied behind their backs and ropes around their necks.

These displays were disgusting, threatening, sectarian and criminal. The groups responsible are easily identifiable if the will is there to do so. The reaction of both Celtic and Police Scotland has so far been pitiful. They have been joined in inaction by the Scottish Government, media commentators and anti sectarian campaigners who are conspicuous by their absence. It would appear soundbites are only of value when those on the receiving end of offensive behaviour wear green.

It is bad enough that our travelling support is subjected to such behaviour but it is another thing entirely to invite it into our own stadium. Peter Lawwell and the Celtic board have failed to act for years on sectarian, anti semitic and pro terrorist groups in their support. We believe the Rangers board has a duty to ensure that these groups of Celtic supporters are not permitted entry into our home under any circumstances. Since we do not expect any action from Celtic, the only way to ensure this is to ban all of their supporters from Ibrox.

We would also remind our own supporters that damage to the toilets at Celtic Park will only see a financial penalty for our own club. The fact that this also happens at every Old Firm game at Ibrox is no excuse. Supporters should remember that in everything they do they represent Rangers and should act accordingly.

Issued by Supporters Voice Limited, a Club 1872 company


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Club 1872 appear to have over reacted here and acted rashly without thinking it over, what happened was out f order but to start demanding bans is ott.

I'm sure that Celtic will deal with those involved, while any bears who vandalised the bogs should be banned from Ibrox.

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3 hours ago, Savage Henry said:

Missing the point entirely.  Of course there's a fucking connection.  His brother killed himself.  Whether or not that connection went through the "minds" of those reprobates who put up the dolls is utterly irrelevant, as anyone with half a brain will tell you.  Kris Boyd's brother killed himself.  Celtic fans put up blow up dolls in nooses. How did they think that would be perceived?  A bit of witty #bantz?  Did nobody say, "hang on a sec, lads, perhaps we ought to have a bit of common decency here?"  But of course, it's Celtic fans, who seem to think they can do what they want.  Perception be damned.


"But but but I know what I think they meant..." isn't an excuse.


The last part of that paragraph makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.  You basically seem to be arguing that Celtic fans (as opposed to the near universal condemnation from every other group of fans) are the only ones "respecting" Kris Boyd's brother.  Which isn't entirely a surprising point of view.  


The death of Kris Boyd's brother is a tragedy for his family and friends but it was irrelevant to the fixture on Saturday. Ignorance is nothing to boast about but I had no idea he had a brother never mind that he had taken his own life or the manner in which he had done so. To link it to these blow up dolls is mischief making at best and it's a subject far too serious for that. I'm not arguing that Celtic fans were respecting his brother at all. There was just nothing that happened that could reasonably be linked to that personal tragedy at the game. 

With respect to hanging blow up dolls I thought it was childish and inappropriate but I would never have made the connection with it and suicide. I never noticed them at the game but afterwards I took it as a nod to the liquidation of Rangers 1872-2012. However, I admit that suicide is not something that has touched me or my loved ones. Thinking about it, it can and obviously has been taken offensively by people I don't believe it was intent to hurt. It's only right that those involved reflect on that and take steps to ensure it doesn't happen again. 


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So it seems a "club spokesman" has issued a statement as well (along with Club 1690).

"The club's directors are fully aware of the disgust felt by Rangers supporters who were subjected to a sickening and shameful display of outright sectarian hatred towards them.

"We also share the fans' anger and will be contacting Club 1872 as a matter of urgency." 


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So lets get this right: 

1. Blow up dolls being hung by Celtic supporters after having had their hands tied behind their backs, mouths taped shut and dressed with Rangers scarves.

2. Sectarian singing from both sides mainly about some tawdry little battle a very long time ago or a famine or the Queen or Ireland or ******s or **** or the IRA blah blah blah. 

3. Toilet blocks utterly trashed by Rangers supporters again.

4. Banners with “Kill All ****” and “Know Your Place *** Scum”, from the Celtic supporters and banners in support of the IRA also from the Celtic supporters.

Without exception these are the actions that make all normal human beings in Scotland wish the two Glasgow clubs would leave our country, one to England and one to Ireland where they both apparently wish to reside and live out their teenage fantasies.

I'm embarrassed by the actions of these animals, calling themselves Scotsmen. And what makes it worse is that the authorities literally do nothing about it. NOTHING!



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