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The St. Mirren FC 2023/24 thread

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Would be unbelievably daft to let Kiltie leave, he’s the one different midfielder we have. He played well in Robinson’s 3-5-2 last season. Definitely should not be entertained and there’s a place in the squad and starting 11 for him over time. I can well imagine he’d be a player coming into the team at the expense of a striker away to tougher teams. 

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Absolutely nuts to let Kiltie go, he’s not been starting as much but he’s a player that makes a difference and let’s us change shape if we need to, bad move if this happens as it strengthens another team in the league.

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Wouldn’t be keen for Kiltie to leave unless Robinson has a replacement lined up. Don’t think he suits the midfield 3 the way we are currently set up. 100% his best work is as a 10.

Agree with those above that he allows us to change shape and can have an impact. I would imagine he’s not happy to sit on the bench. Arguably as 5th choice behind OHara, Baccus, Erhahon and Gogic 


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27 minutes ago, Billy Jean King said:
30 minutes ago, buddie06smfc said:
Potentially a loanee from Celtic? 

Seems unlikely if we can't agree a deal with them for Dylan Reid ?

Hadn’t realised the deal is dead again, scrap that. 

24 minutes ago, SS77 said:

Kiltie is a long way away from starting for us IMO. If letting him go frees up space to give the likes of Henderson, Taylor and Reid a go then I’m not against it.

Our fans do love a right good panic though!

He’s played in every league game he’s been available for. That does not suggest he’s a long way out the picture. He is different to any other player we have. No one is panicking just not every move we do has to be sugarcoated as being brilliant business or fans slated for questioning it. He would be a loss. On current form of the 3 in midfield he doesn’t get in but that won’t be sustained forever. 

Flynn is ahead of the 3 you mentioned, not much would change in that regard and he isn’t quick enough for this level any longer. 

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