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The Celtic All Seasons thread

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8 minutes ago, wastecoatwilly said:

Did you look that up to prove me wrong wee man?

Celtic supporter proved wrong, so has a go at the way he was proved wrong. You really couldn't make it up.  Throws a "wee man" slur in for good measure. 

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Just now, Grangemouth Bairn said:

Thanks for your diagnosis - that’s made things a lot clearer.

That’s ok, mate. I was wee for years. Outgrew it though.


*Disclaimer - I don’t really believe you’re wee.

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20 minutes ago, Aldonis said:

It’s why I don’t take my child to what should be entertaining..,,,

Too right mate.

One side sing about killing Catholics the other sing songs glorifying bombing innocent people.  Wouldn't have my kids near any game involving Celtic or rangers either :) 

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