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C**** on Holiday

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1 hour ago, superbigal said:
13 hours ago, Melanius Mullarkey said:
It’s always a fucking parrot show isn’t it?

Aye the boy fair gets around. Seen him in all 4 of the canary islands.

There's a joke in there somewhere.

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c**t makes claim for ruined holiday, c**t ends up out of pocket by 19 grand instead.


A TUI customer has been ordered to pay nearly £20,000 to the operator after being found guilty of fundamental dishonesty for claiming to be ill while on holiday.

Justin Miller, of Penarth in Wales went to Cape Verde with his father, brother and brother’s girlfriend for two weeks on May 31 2016, staying all-inclusive at the Riu Toureg hotel.

The 40-year-old did not report any issues or illness at the time. TUI said the first knowledge that it or the hotel had the alleged sickness was receipt of the Letter of Claim around six months after Miller returned home.

Miller claimed there was a poor standard of hygiene at the hotel and that food was not properly cooked. His claim was supported by medical evidence from a Doctor Lieberman and a claim by his father, Steve Coombe.

TUI looked at Miller’s Facebook page and found posts during the course of the holiday which showed him eating, drinking and socialising. This evidence was used by TUI in court.

“These were not the posts of a man who was ill and his holiday ruined,” the operator said. “He positively commented on the quality of the food, the beach and numerous outings with his dad and brother.”

Tui also pointed out other inconsistencies in his claim – such as the period of illness, Tui’s reporting of the illness, the severity of the symptoms and the cause of the illness.

Cardiff County Court found Miller to be fundamentally dishonest and ordered to pay £19,025.

Tui’s UK and Ireland managing director Andrew Flintham said: “As the UK’s leading tour operator we’ve continued to make a stand and do all that we can to put a stop to fake sickness cases. Mr Miller’s case, having been found fundamentally dishonest and ordered to pay a hefty fee, is another lesson to anyone thinking about submitting a fraudulent claim.

“We hope that this sends out a clear message to anyone else considering making a fake sickness claim. We will simply not pay compensation claims of this nature and we will bring all similar cases to a court hearing. Our fight back against this type of activity helps us to protect genuine holidaymakers and we will continue to do all that is necessary to defend our industry and hotel partners.”

Tui had seen a 1400% rise in sickness claims in the two years up to 2017, a larger rise than the 500% increase in claims that Abta reported in the industry. 


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Absolute zoomer.  A 40 year old too.  Guaranteed if he was from Scotland he'd be a Celtic or Rangers fan.  Just feels like he's be one.

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Tui fake sickness claim customers posted positive reviews on TripAdvisor

A couple who posted a glowing review on TripAdvisor and then claimed to be ill on the same Tui holiday ten months later have been found fundamentally dishonest in court.

Tanya and Kieran Tuson, both 36 and of Andover, had stayed all-inclusive at Jaz Mirabel Park Hotel in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, in August 2015.

They made no reports of issues or illness at the time.

Tui says the first it heard of the complaint was ten months after the couple returned home, when the couple claimed issued a letter of claim which included allegations of poor food and hygiene at the hotel, that food wasn’t cooked properly and not offered at the correct temperature.

They included medical evidence from two doctors: Dr Lieberman and Dr Brittain-Dissont before issuing court proceedings in pursuit of damages from the operator.

The Tusons claimed they suffered distress, embarrassment and anxiety as a result of the illness.

But in a TripAdvisor review unearthed by Tui, Mrs Tuson had made no reference to the alleged illness that she claimed had ruined the family holiday. In fact, her review said they had an “amazing time” and recommended the hotel to others. This was used against the couple as evidence in Winchester County Court.

After being found to be fundamentally dishonest, the Tusons were ordered to pay £7,500.

Dr Leiberman again - reckon the BMA need to take a look at him.

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How thick do you have to be to be one of these people? Say six months after a holiday you get one of these quacks phoning you up asking about your holiday, and telling you if you say it was shit you can get some money. Do they not think companies will ask why they waited months to complain, after any medical proof of illness or of the state of the destination would be long gone? Do they not remember posting on social media about enjoying the holiday, and making no mention of food poisoning? Whenever someone posts one of these stories in here I'm torn between whether greed or stupidity is a bigger reason for people being sued, and I still can't decide. 

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14 hours ago, Cerberus said:

Gobby, entitled English people are the worst c***s on holiday.

Their accent cuts through me like screechy chalk on a blackboard.

I noticed when I was in Salou in 2009 with my mates that they seem to have this thing about hogging stuff. 

The hotel we were staying in had all types in it; groups of ladsladslads, families, old couples.  In the entertainment/bar complex it had a PS2, pool table, outside bowling lane and lots of pool toys/equipment like a football and goals for pool based handball.

These predominantly Cockney and Scouse families would do fucking shifts (in pairs usually) to make sure no one else in the hotel could get near anything.  They would do hour long stints, then the granny and granddad would take over the pool table, whilst one group of kids would move onto the bowling lane. while the older kids in the family would go and hog the PS2.  Like a shift rotation type thing.  

Was both harrowing and hilarious to sit and watch whilst getting pished.

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