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The Kevin Cadle Standing Bowl XIV


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Whats that you say? You want another Standing Bowl? Well OK then, lets get it on. Can Silvio go back to back and win his 3rd SB? And following his untimely death this Bowl will be named after the legend that was Kevin Cadle.

The winners list now stands as:

Standing Bowl I: Strichener (7 weeks)

Standing Bowl II: Sloop John B (4 weeks)

Standing Bowl III: AlbertLegend (4 weeks)

Standing Bowl IV: Dee4Life1893 (3 weeks)

Standing Bowl V: Jagfox(pt) (3 weeks)

Standing Bowl VI: Silvio (4 weeks)

Standing Bowl VII: Swarley (3 weeks)

Standing Bowl VIII: Peasy23 (3 weeks)

Standing Bowl IX: Swarley (5 weeks)

Standing Bowl X: StevieLes II (4 Weeks)

Standing Bowl XI: Jagfox99 (4 weeks)

Standing Bowl XII: Spain (7 weeks)

Standing Bowl XIII: Silvio 5 (5 weeks)

Last Man Standing is a game taken from the football forums in which you pick sides each week that you believe will win. If you are right. you remain through to the following week. If you are wrong, you're out! If you are still in, however, the next week you can't pick that team again. The Last Man Standing will be the winner!

As there are fewer weekends in the NFL season than the Scottish Leagues version, and to ensure this remains tricky each week, you'll need to select 2 teams that will win that weekend.


Your first entry (2 teams) must be in by the cut off deadline below. You must come back to this thread every week (providing you have survived the previous week) and pick another 2 teams for the following week. Just remember you can't pick a team you have already used previously.

Both teams must win for you to remain standing!

You can only pick each team once. So keep track of which teams you have already picked. You can pick a team that someone else has already picked. It just means you can't pick that team again.

If everyone remaining is knocked out the same weekend, then anyone who scores 1 out of 2 correct would win. If there are several who scored 1 out of 2 then they would carry into the next weekend and continue until we have a winner. 

If we get down to only two players left, then at the discretion of the commissioner, sudden death may apply with each player required to pick 5 teams and a tie-breaker question during the sudden death week.  Picks and scores to be submitted by PM and the winner will be the player with the most correct picks and should both players have the same number of correct entries then the player tie-breaker will come into play.

In the unlikely event of postponements, you will stay until the next week but you will be unable to pick that team again.

For those that haven't picked by the cut off point they will be knocked out. This ensures only committed players continue to play.

Once you have selected your picks, please do not go back and edit that post. If you need or want to change your selection then make a new post, only your latest post will be used for your picks.

The commissioner's decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Good luck to all who enter and remember it is a bit of fun....

Here are the fixtures for Week 7. All times should be British time but if they aren't please let me know. Deadline for picks will be Friday 20th 01:20 if selecting the "Thursday" game or Sunday 22nd 17:55 if not.

Friday October 20th
Chiefs at Raiders 01:25 BST

Sunday October 22nd
Buccaneers at Bills 18:00 BST
Ravens at Vikings 18:00 BST
Jets at Dolphins 18:00 BST
Cardinals at Rams 18:00 BST
Jaguars at Colts 18:00 BST
Saints at Packers 18:00 BST
Panthers at Bears 18:00 BST
Titans at Browns 18:00 BST
Cowboys at 49ers 21:05 BST
Broncos at Chargers 21:25 BST
Bengals at Steelers 21:25 BST
Seahawks at Giants 21:25 BST

Monday October 23rd
Falcons at Patriots 01:30 BST

Tuesday October 24th
Redskins at Eagles 01:30 BST

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