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Congratualtions Harry & Meghan


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Rejoice, Rejoice...!!

We get to pay for a Royal wedding..!!

Put all your messages of congratulations and royal stories here.

I can see the **** "rippin' the heid aff it" over this.

Have any P&Bers married a prince/princess?

Will anyone here get an invite to the wedding?


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Are you in line to the British throne?
Are you gingerish?
Do you like the Nazis and have you been photographed with a swastika?
Are you living comfortably whilst the rest of the country goes through the worst economic times in living memory?
Do you want to marry an American Divorcee?

Well go ahead - what can possibly go wrong?*

*Warning - may not apply if the year is actually 1936 and not just a poor photocopy 80 years later.

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14 minutes ago, Shandon Par said:

I find wee gingers like Harry a bit creepy, like Postman Pat. This Meghan looks alright though. Would agree with Swete Pete's solution for the lot of them though. 

You'll be getting chopped as well for spelling my name incorrectly!

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I wouldn't even get to enjoy a public holiday for their wedding, I'm a contractor and don't get paid if I don't work. For that reason, I'm proposing that after they've been beheaded, their corpses are given a bloody good kicking as well, just out of spite.

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