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The DUP to stand candidates in Scotland

Michael Stipe

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6 hours ago, gannonball said:

I see this as being potentially good news to be honest. They aren't going to realistically win any seats and they are only going to really take votes off the tories so others can get the seat instead.

Was just thinking that.

The only people who are going to think "Hey, these anti pro choice, bible bashing, catholic hating, shouty angry orange men are right up my street" are single cell organisms, people with an IQ of less than 5 and followers of the most recent Rangers* franchise.

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7 minutes ago, LongTimeLurker said:

When I put "DUP stand in Scotland" into a websearch, what I get back as the second link is this thread. Can anyone provide a link for what this is based on?


35 minutes ago, welshbairn said:

I suspect the op made it up.


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