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Edinburgh City v Clyde

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2 hours ago, haufdaft said:

Has there been an entertaining match between these two teams... ever?


10/1 for a goalless draw. It's be like printing your own money.






Yes. The last game. We beat you. That was entertaining. 

I'm old enough to remember Meadowbank v Clyde games being utterly pish. Perhaps there's some curse that occurs when the Bully Wee cross into the Sauce Belt... 


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6 minutes ago, fagansheroes said:

Serious question . Is Shawfield still being used as dog track and is the pitch in the middle still there or ripped up ? Would love to see The Bully Wee  back in Rutherglen. Maybe cost would be the issue ?

They could share with Glencairn .. no, wait, perhaps cost would be an issue for that idea..  :lol:

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