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The Big Political Picture Thread


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In recent times, P&B has seen some sterling work in the field of political dog pictures, but it can be difficult to keep track of the creations of talented artists like @philyerboots when they're spread across multiple threads. As such, please provide your own links to P&B's quality dog-related political content here, and perhaps submit your own for our edification.

To kick us off, here's my own submission - not a patch on the true masters of the genre, but take note of the brainwashed look on the terrier's face, and the lack of thought in its bubble. Attention to detail, my friends. Less is sometimes more.


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Bit of effort, please  <_<



Edited by BigFatTabbyDave
Sorry, I forgot to include an SNP logo or indication that this dog is supposed to be Nicola Sturgeon. Must try harder.
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2 minutes ago, Loondave1 said:
1 hour ago, btb said:

MPs fear May could exploit Labour split to call early election

…..coz that went well last time! default_laugh.png&key=db1ed56dcc5eb18446d9994bc414775fe444cb972a4142551ebfaa73fd0917b5

Tory defectors now. So that aint going to fly.

Could we be in for a realignment in UK politics, will the "Independants" join the Lib-Dems  or will a rebrand be needed and a new Centre oarty be reformed.


One things for sure - everythings up in the air now - Brexit, indyRef2 - interesting times as the Chineese say! :eek:

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