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Kazakhstan V Scotland


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2 minutes ago, forameus said:

And I can't remember it coming back to bite us at all either

Having the players hang around the airport overnight was my favourite part of the pre-match preparations.

That sort of attention to detail comes straight from the Scotland 1954 World Cup Finals plan!

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Peter Grant is saying that Robertson wasn't allowed to fly due to the swelling in his mouth and that he may still fly out later to join the squad depending on how his surgery goes today.
And McBurnie and McKenna both looking okay.
Raging that I can't be raging at them now - grrr! [emoji49]
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9 hours ago, Jeremiah Cole said:

McBurnie wasn’t playing on Saturday and it’s pretty clear that McKenna won’t play





That surely will be the team

The backlines a horror show waiting to happen

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44 minutes ago, Sergeant Wilson said:

He must have something, going by the transfer fees paid for him, but I've yet to see it.

He's been injured for the last few weeks

There's no way he'll risk this awful terrible plastic pitch

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Guest DAVIDB69

Normally there is an issue with heat in these sort of games , it’s freezing , but there will a roof on for the game

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