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Kazakhstan V Scotland


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13 minutes ago, Jeremiah Cole said:


Folk were asking the same question about James Forrest before the last couple of Scotland games.


Not very clever folk though. The defensive work that Forrest did wide on the right was wonderful. I think it was the Slovak home game where he won the ball back and started attacks from deep about half a dozen times. The folk who thought he was pish for Scotland are probably the same sort of folk who go wild and boo when we play the ball back to the keeper.

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54 minutes ago, Billy Rubin said:

What games has he impressed you for Scotland?  

What games outside of the last two against Israel and Albania did anyone really impress?  Stephen O’Donnell maybe is about it.  He’s a young lad playing in a poor Scotland team so yep, might as well jump on his case now cos that helps the boy. You’d think we were baws deep in a pool of strikers to pick from.

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4 hours ago, bernardblack said:

Mental to think Scott Bain is our number one

Would never had predicted this a year ago when he was getting passed about as a second choice keeper, however he has rarely put a foot wrong for us and we just seemed to have stumbled across that sweeper keeper Rodgers was wanting. Whilst I still dont think he is as good shot stopper as Gordon or Mcgregor Celtics back four seem far more at ease having him there.

As for up front Burke has to start surely, not a natural striker but could end up being that effective perpetual pest Miller used to be for Scotland.

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14 hours ago, cameron2000 said:

Seems a bit risky to play McBurnie on an Astro Pitch. Really does impact that abdominal muscle.

Genuine question. Why is that so?

I can understand, but not necessarily agree, with some grass/astro arguments.

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43 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

BBC have the ever popular feature where you can pick your starting XI (https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47598748).

I've went on the basis that Robertson is out.


I have a feeling this will be it. It doesn't have a lot of width (unless Burke peels wide) which would be my only concern.

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1 minute ago, Gordopolis said:

How much is a last minute flight? emoji7.png

That's pretty much the team I would expect to start. I'd probably go with Russell starting and Burke as the sub for later on when the legs have gone a bit.

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