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  1. It's pretty apt that the thread is subtitled 'summertime'. A quintessential Scottish summer's night.
  2. Only Scotland could go to Oslo and complain about the heat(!) Magnificent result and this team under Clarke really has something about them now. Late goals and never throwing in the towel signifies a belief I haven't seen in the Scottish national team since... forever.
  3. The three subs from the weekend are in from the start. Happy with that.
  4. Counting the years but not the trophies. Petrofac Cup is missing from that list.
  5. Also, Reginald Courtenay Welch.
  6. Perhaps England will be playing in dark blue socks and that's why the hoops are elsewhere. You know how FIFA gets about kit clashes these days.
  7. I think the hoops will be to symbolise Queen's Park socks. They probably won't go balls out with hooped socks in 2023 (besides, too many stripes for Adidas). A couple of pages back the original kits were posted* and Queen's Park also had their 150th anniversary in 2018 with two or three hoops on their socks. I get the gist of what you are saying though. It's not historically accurate, so critics of the kit will point to the fact that it should have been more traditional and simpler still. But the sportwear manufacturers need to get their shit on there as well and this may have been the compromise. Posted by @Todd_is_God
  8. A very decent wee infographic from the SFA here. Some of the 'landmark' results are a slightly tinpot though. https://150.scottishfa.co.uk/scottish-football-history/scotland-kits/
  9. Just one more thing. I wouldn't have minded having the Women's bespoke kit for a year or two. Just chucking that kit after releasing it during one summer for a tournament we didn't even qualify for was a scandalous rip-off. The centered badge does still rankle though. Yet another 90s design quirk that seems to be making a comeback. Quality kit though with the understated purple and also the yellow being fresh(ish) in a home kit.
  10. The deal with Adidas (now extended to at least 2028) is not the first time a Scotland international team taken to the field adorned in die Marke mit den drei Striefen. An Adidas kit was worn in the Victory Shield in 1994 consisting of one of those baggy efforts of the day with the garish goalie top thrown in for good measure. Looks very similar to a template Rangers had at the time of Gascoigne, Goram et al - except with an oversized white collar instead of the standard crew neck. The mid-nineties were shocking for kit design and, barring a couple of away tops, I am glad we escaped relatively unscathed. All those wide stripes over the shoulders and day-glo keeper kits have not stood the test of time at all. We'd have looked a bit like '98 Yugoslavia if we had Adidas back then. The away kit is acceptable in the template of France circa 90-94. As is the more understated Yugoslav-lite 1990 home template. See https://museumofjerseys.com/2020/06/12/fantasy-kit-friday-scotland-in-adidas-1996-and-1998/ for the kit designs. And, aye, I do have too much time on my hands today, obvz. PS - The website is nothing to do with me! But it's a great find nonetheless. They do some great work and there is a Scottish guy among their ranks, he may even be the main man, not sure.
  11. The current Queen's Park away kit got me thinking I would love it if, at some point, this classic got a creative reboot of sorts from Adidas.
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