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Notre Dame

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I can't be the only one thinking about this just now. 

On ‎08‎/‎01‎/‎2013 at 21:17, 'eddiemunster said:

The Funk Room at The Arches was always a happy hunting ground for me back in the day. A very healthy ratio of girls to guys meant that I done far better than a big heided wee guy from Motherwell probably should.

This particular night my mate and I tanned a couple of swedgers and were in fine form as soon as we arrived. Quick couple of drinks and then into the main arch to tune into the music and do some serious sniffing aboot.

Within minutes we were dancing beside, then with a couple of lassies who seemed quite cool. The music and class A's were searing through me and this lassie and I were soon dancing close, then firing into each other in the corner.
Very quickly we both decided to bail back to mine in a taxi and went to tell my mate and her pal. My mate gave me a knowing wink and wished me a good night and off we went this lassie and out into the cool night. The pills making everything seem perfect.

We were all over each other in the taxi, my hand up her skirt feeling her wet through her knickers and she all but had my cock out, i'm thinking this is fucking brilliant!

We stumbled and staggered up the close stairs, still right into each other all the way. Into my flat, bouncing off the walls, tearing our clothes off and bang at it on the floor as soon as we got in. Powered by drugs, drink and a youthful libido I was putting in a fine performance in the missionary position and decided to birl her over for some doggy style. As I did, it was then I saw it for the first time.

She had a hump.

Oh for f**k sake, an actual fucking hump. It was a different colour from the rest of her back and everything, like a sort of bruisey colour with a texture like scar tissue. I was shagging a hunchback.

At that moment I realised the knowing wink my mate had given me. The c**t. He had obviously clocked it, whereas I was too mad with it and horny to see beyond the tits and that, he knew and let me go, no doubt pishing himself laughing.

All these mad disgusted thoughts spun round in my drug addled and traumatised brain. I was baw deep in a hunchback, what was I all about? Fucking hell, this is no right.

It was then I did what any right thinking man would do, I birled her back over onto her back and just kidded on I hadn't seen it.

Through gritted teeth I pounded away at her,trying to erase from my mind the sight that I had just seen. This horror coupled with the drugs meant that I couldn't finish for what felt like hours. I was locked in this death grip with her loving it.

Eventually with sweat and fear pouring from every pore I faked an theatrical orgasm, then prayed for sleep.

she fell asleep and I lay there awake all night like a stranger in my own bed. At one point she turned over and it touched me, I could do nothing but make a horrified face and edged away till I was hanging out the bed.

In the morning I pretended I had to go to work, just to get her out the house. I done a stunt trip to the bus stop and when she was gone I went home, stripped the sheets from the bed and tanned half a bottle of Jim beam.



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56 minutes ago, trainspotter said:

Donnie's got it covered



When California was suffering from devastating wildfires, the c**t cut off Federal aid. But now he's an expert on how to fight fires? I suppose we should be grateful he hasn't (yet) blamed Muslims even though some of his loathsome followers are already doing so on social media.

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