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Clyde FC; Season 2022-23

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1 hour ago, SLClyde said:

Anyone from the Glasgow branch available for comment?

Is the support split with traditional area 'Glasgow Branch" and a Johnny come lately "Cumbernauld Branch" ?  Is there still a Rutherglen supporter's bus ? 

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On 02/03/2022 at 10:40, SouthLanarkshireWhite said:

Second and final post on this.

Having an opinion on this does not mean I am right and you are wrong, nor vice versa.

Firstly on the point about admitting we (the club) were wrong initially. The world is not as black & white as that, sometimes it is just changing times, changing circumstances and time to reflect. History is littered with examples of individuals or groups reassessing their position over time, to not do so would be severe stubborness. There are times in life when you look around and see the scale of the difference of opinion and maybe just have to accept you got it wrong.

Secondly, with regard to Risk.

If your version of the future turns out to be the one closest to what actually happens, then the upside is we get a very good footballer for another 2 years, and then we have to build a different team. In that two years he may well be the catalyst for keeping us in League 1 and we avoid the financial meltdown of relegation.

If however, my attitude to risk turns out to be closer, and we suffer the downside of

a. loss of income from sponsors

b. loss of income from away fans staying away

c. some players not wanting to sign for us whilst he is on our books

d. some of our own fans stay away more often

e. NLC being more difficult landlords

and then we will have to build a different team in 2 years anyway, but by that time be in even more difficult circumstances.

For that reason alone, without debating anything else, the risk is not worth taking. 



So not a final post after all. It took a much shorter timescale for the shit to hit the fan than even I anticipated.

Even the most arrogant, naive and stupid people involved in this farce must be beginning to see the arrogance, naivety and stupidity of what they have done.

A 140 year-old football club is now in serious danger because some people thought using their influence to get their way in a world where they are hugely out of their depth was big and clever.

I would say take a minute to reflect on your actions, but there will be some involved who will still defend their position and refuse to see an alternative viewpoint.


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36 minutes ago, John MacLean said:

Under Scots Law corroboration is required for a successful prosecution. 

Reading the civil judgement it seems to me that there was abundant corroboration to the fact that she was incapable of providing consent. 

It baffles me, admittedly a layman in such matters, that it didn't come before a criminal court. 

She was failed by the Scottish legal system. 

Its probably to do with the physical evidence of the rape, plenty folk saw the nick of the victim, incapable of consent etc, but proving the sexual contact is incredibly difficult in terms of lack of dna etc. there is a forensic window and in the absence of witnesses to the actual rape if its not reported within the window you rely on other things like an admission or some other record that the rape happened. 

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1 hour ago, the_bully_wee said:

I've no idea about the structure of NLC but as I understood it, NLL was essentially a subsidiary of the council which specifically operated Broadwood - in that sense, you'd imagine the council could've pulled a move like this if they ever wanted to. I could be wrong in saying that, but if I'm correct then they could've done better than trying to cover their own backs with that statement.

Did a bit of digging to make sure I wasn't havering utter shite here, but what I remembered does appear to have been the case - 




Not to try to deflect any attention away from Clyde or Goodwillie here, but it was entirely needless for NLC to try and exonerate themselves from any kind of responsibility for Clyde's continuing presence at Broadwood. Their statement would've been sufficient without that wild attempt to rewrite history.

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33 minutes ago, Shadwell Dog said:

Just can't fathom what the conversation must've been like when this loan agreement was set up.  Raith probably can't believe their luck that there was a board even thicker than them that would not only take the player but save them some money and take the centre of attention from them completely . 

What makes it worse is the board came to the right decision and rejected Raith's offer only to come back and think "nah, we'll have some of that" because of an ultimatum by the sponsor. The board should out who the sponsor(s) is/are, name and shame the idiots who might be responsible for putting our club to the wall.


19 minutes ago, stuthejag said:

Is the support split with traditional area 'Glasgow Branch" and a Johnny come lately "Cumbernauld Branch" ?  Is there still a Rutherglen supporter's bus ? 

The Rutherglen bus is from the Castlemilk Branch, I've been going on the bus for years but the numbers are dwindling season on season. I think the pandemic has really reduced the numbers and it being an aging support who either pass away or stop attending.

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46 minutes ago, Ginaro said:

Do NLC also own/operate that stadium?

And are the sexual abusers in question training with or playing for the Celtic B team?

Lot of competition, but the original question might be the most idiotic bit of whataboutery on this entire thread...

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5 minutes ago, Yoss said:

Anyway, I'm assuming this loan will have termination clauses and thus the problem is going to end up back where it belongs in Raith's lap?

Ah, @Broken Algorithms has already put up an answer to this on the other thread. Could get messy, then.

6 minutes ago, Broken Algorithms said:

Courier suggesting that the loan will only end if it's agreed to by all three parties. So feasibly, Rovers could say "not our problem" and he'll remain with Clyde. 

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2 hours ago, Zanetti said:


The women's team are allowed to change their mind, surely? And the council clarified why things are different for them now in the statement (which nobody seems to be reading before shouting "but why now!?!?!?):

"For clarity, the stadium was previously under the control of North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd which, while previously paid by the council for management of a range of services and facilities, is a separate legal entity. The council was unable to direct the company in relation to this matter. The stadium, and all the services of the company, have reverted to direct council control"

Makes sense to me.

Did it only come back under council control in the last 5/6 weeks?

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This just shows you that managers and owners of football clubs will stoop to any level to achieve success. 

Raith and now Clyde not giving a shit about the consequences of the signing of DW as he ‘guarantees goals’.

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5 minutes ago, SLClyde said:

The supporters of Goodwillies signing have gone all quiet, again. 

"It's *so* unfair. These chickens never showed any signs of wanting to roost at home previously, we were quite entitled to assume they never would."

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Hello, is that EKFC club secretary?  Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hello is that Rutherglen Glencairn's club secretary? Bzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hello is that Shettleston Juniors club secretary?  Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Eh hello, is that Spartak Moscow's club secretary?  Da, hallo Clyde man!



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3 minutes ago, Jacksgranda said:

I was going to ask the same thing - where's he going to train?

He could go a run around Strathclyde Country Park, unless the council have banned him from there too?

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We've only got him on loan till the end of the season at which point he surely returns to Raith Rovers.

I wouldn't put it beyond our board to have contractually agreed to re-sign him in the summer giving how fucking stupid their decision making has been.
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