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Love Island 2019

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As per suggestion from @Louis Litt here is a new thread for Love Island 2019. 

The cast has been revealed and the show starts on June 3.

Early predictions are that Curtis is going to be this years Dr Alex,people are going to want him to win from early on and that none of the opening line-up will win the show this year. 

Also guessing they'll introduce some new girls pretty early on.

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At least they are putting a plus size woman in this time to show that they do not discriminate against ordinary women. The plus size woman that they are using is an enormous size.... 10.

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Guest Moomintroll
Anyone who watches this should have their name included in the calling cards of morons thread and or be executed.
There is no first option, it is the or or nothing.
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9 hours ago, Dr Watson said:

Please excuse my ignorance, never seen this before. Is this like legal prostitution for laughs?

It can take a while to get going. Last years was a bit slow to begin with until The King started working his way through the ladies.

Not seeing anyone with equivalent capabilities so far.

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