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Pie and Bovrils Scottish Football tipping competition


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Hope @YHallSaint is ok. In the meantime does anyone else fancy taking it over for this Saturday? My excuse for not offering to deputise is I haven't a clue about spreadsheets so I'd have to individually calculate each entry which I'm too lazy to do. Alternatively everyone could just post a screenshot of their £1 or £10 Bet365 bet timed before noon on Saturday, but posted after noon but before midnight, so we can't nick eachother's bets, if that makes sense?

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Sorry guyss, had an emergency on Sunday and had to fly out to Spain to help ma mum. Only had half an hour this morning but here are results for WEEK 1. Welshabirn takes a massive lead so early on, quite a few good picks.


Week 2 is 10/08 same as before entrants must be in by 12 noon saturday, ill get the reults out quicker this week


Gazman ill need to look through your picks as i have Abereedn written down but it may be different, is  it was it will class as void 

Week 1.png

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On 02/08/2019 at 10:43, Jaggy Snake said:

REMINDER TO PM YOUR ENTRIES TO @YHallSaint BEFORE 12pm SATURDAY  (just ignore me if you've already sent them).

The rules are a few posts above this.

@welshbairn @Duffy_ @This time Perthshirebell @Henderson to deliver .....  @just me 2  @jagfox99  @Twinkle  @LondonHMFC  @berwick-the-unbeatable  @LoonsYouthTeam  @C. Muir  @Bairney The Dinosaur  @Jaggy Snake  @54_and_counting  @Gazman1966  @Dele  @deej  @Ned Nederlander  @diamond_for_life  @Ocular Patdown Required  @NJ2  @eindhovendee  

I just did it anyway, as the original post doens't have people tagged. It means YHallSaint can just copy this post in future if he's chasing people's entries. It would be nice if this took off and a shame for people to miss out on the first week particularly. With the Gambling Forum right at the bottom of the main page it's easy to forget about as well.


Reminder guys, WEEK 2 entries must be in by 12 noon on the 10/08. Any newcomers welcome just send a pm. Ive sent PMs back to everyone that has already entered, i think im up to date again.

@Gazman1966 I checked back and you did choose Aberdeen. I voided the result although the treble was down anyway.


Here is the monthly results after week 1



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On 05/08/2019 at 14:08, Div said:

I didn't realise you were doing this, I ran the P&B treble every week last season. Happy to join in here too but I'll keep posting mine on Twitter :thumsup2


On 06/08/2019 at 09:58, The Minertaur said:

Any chance I could join in as well? No worries if too late!


On 06/08/2019 at 14:19, true_rover said:
On 06/08/2019 at 09:58, The Minertaur said:
Any chance I could join in as well? No worries if too late!

Would also be up for joining, happy even if I'm down as having lost last week (my actual bet certainly did!)

Feel free to join in guys, @true_rover already got your choices

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Selections must be from Scottish Premiership, Championship, League 1 and League 2

One Treble per week Win/Draw/Win only

Saturday 3pm KO Games only

Selections must be in by 12 noon on the Saturday

Entries by PM

Odds used will be as of kick off from Bet365

Returns will be based on a £10 stake (stake included in returns)

Highest profit from the month will win a free £5 bet (I will place the bet, any winnings will be transferred via PayPal/bank transfer)

Highest profit over the year will win a prize TBD


 Reminder of the rules for any newcomers


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treble this week is;
Livi (away to st Johnstone)
Dundee (home to ayr)
Raith (home to Clyde)
Have been PM’d. Hearts, pars and Edinburgh all look nice enough prices just now as well.

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Guys you have until 12 noon tomorrow to get your guesses in

@This time Perthshirebell @berwick-the-unbeatable @Gazman1966 @Dele @Ned Nederlander @diamond_for_life @Ocular Patdown Required @eindhovendee

If you have sent a PM and got a reply your in

Good Luck

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Thats everyone in except one who didnt pick last week as well. Few new entrants this week 
Ill post when results are up
Good luck guys
made it in time i hope, Just PM'd you YHallSaint with my treble .
St Johnstone
Inverness CT
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