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  1. Sorry guys I’ve had to go away with work until Thursday so I’ll get the results up later on in the week and square just me 2 up as I think his free bet won
  2. @welshbairn @just me 2 @jagfox99 @Twinkle @LondonHMFC @berwick-the-unbeatable @LoonsYouthTeam @C. Muir @Bairney The Dinosaur @Gazman1966 @Dele @deej @Ned Nederlander @diamond_for_life @Ocular Patdown Required @NJ2 @Henderson to deliver ..... @Jaggy Snake @Duffy_ @eindhovendee @true_rover @The Minertaur @Judge @Stuarty @Hamish's Passenger If I've replied then I have your selections guys. Im away to a Peep Show Quiz tonight and wont be back until tomorrow afternoon so I'll pick up everyones selections when i'm back @just me 2 can you confirm on your PM what you want your free bet as Cheers guys Have a good Weekend
  3. One winner this week @just me 2 who also wins the free bet for the monthly prize. I'll get in touch to see what you want it on. Fixtures for week 28 underneath, usual rules apply entries before 12 on Saturday
  4. Not after the last time I was confident in your picks lol
  5. My selections for this week. I won’t actually put cash on it but can’t see anything other than a Killie Win today
  6. Count Meribel for me Wee punt on Gerolamo Cardano in the 12:40
  7. Whiskey Sours from Scran and Scallie is genuinely a thing beauty
  8. YHallSaint

    FIFA 20

    It is, you get more skill points on a Friday so that’s when most pros and decent players play
  9. YHallSaint

    FIFA 20

    Played 3 games of Champs there. All 3 disconnected in the 65th minute when I was winning. Im done
  10. YHallSaint

    FIFA 20

    How have you got last weeks TOTW?
  11. @welshbairn @just me 2 @jagfox99 @Twinkle @LondonHMFC @berwick-the-unbeatable @LoonsYouthTeam @C. Muir @Bairney The Dinosaur @Gazman1966 @Dele @deej @Ned Nederlander @diamond_for_life @Ocular Patdown Required @NJ2 @Henderson to deliver ..... @Jaggy Snake @Duffy_ @eindhovendee @true_rover @The Minertaur @Judge @Stuarty @Hamish's Passenger No winners this week. Last gameday of the Month on Saturday so last chance to win the monthly prize. With no one above £50 so far everyone in with a chance. Usual Rules and entries before 12 on Saturday. Fixtures Below
  12. Results will probably be tomorrow got a few things to do today
  13. They were 25/1 on Betfair but I had a random £12.66 free bet from a money back thing so chucked it on. It will likely be 5-0 to the fakes
  14. @just me 2 I’ve just put your selections on for your free bet
  15. YHallSaint

    FIFA 20

    Same, I’ve not completed any leagues yet but have done maybe 50 over all of them and my beat pull was Higuain Took the plunge and bought IF Griezman for this weekend. Most of my coins are wrapped up in investments but I got him for 282k on his so fairly happy. Anyone used him? Plays 4-2-3-1 in game with Salah left CAM, Griezmann middle CAM and Firminho dropping back
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