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Qp vs Elgin

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This is the big one. Two form teams battling it out in foul weather which is a shame. This game deserves better. Thought Elgin were a very well organised team on their last visit. Looks like Smart will be playing against us which makes him a dead cert to score. Hoping our new guys will show just enough edge to carve out a very hard fought victory but would not be too unhappy with a share of the spoils.

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A win for either team will be massive in their play off hopes, especially for us since we’ve got a game in hand over Elgin and it’s against Brechin. By the sounds of it, Sutherland is Injured for Elgin so that’s a big boost for us. No reason why we can’t win this game with the players at our disposal

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Massive game for both teams. Opportunity to not only slip into the play-off spot but to stay hot on Cowdenbeaths tail.

Peter Grant put it best: "Every game is a cup final because we know where we want to be. We aren't going anywhere."

Both teams had strong wins at the weekend. I think it's been discussed before that both teams have the best form in the league. 

I'm confident in this QP side. Although, a draw wouldn't surprise me. Home win!

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5 minutes ago, williebraveheart said:

Looks like Smart will be playing against us which makes him a dead cert to score.

He never found his rhythm at QP. He's done well for himself at Albion Rovers to warrant a move to Elgin. Fair play to the guy.  Probably score a hat-trick on Saturday. 

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I’d like to see both these teams make the play-offs just to prove that teams who try to play football get rewarded. Both have had inconsistency as their main opponent but have found form at the right time. Cowden will run out of steam.

The club is trying hard to manage expectation but with the talent we now have anything short of the top four would be disappointing. If Sutherland’s out this game is our best chance of beating Elgin. It’ll be tight.

6-5 to the QP.

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17 hours ago, NathanQP said:


Surprised nobody has made a match thread on this one yet. Big game for both teams.



0-0 final score


About time you took a turn. I was thinking our game was Match of the Day but it's actually an interesting card this week, something to go for at every fixture. Good chance for Brechin to get the motors running.


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Confidence coursing through the club and the players right now but I imagine Elgin will be exactly the same after the win over Cove at the weekend.

Sutherland’s absence for City will be a huge boost for our defence but need to be wary of Smart who has apparently looked quite sharp since he moved up north.

Hopefully we have Slater back involved as he adds an extra dimension, but even without him I’m fairly confident we can pick up another win here. Our record against Elgin (particularly at Hampden) is largely good and I fancy us to keep that going.

2-0 QP is my prediction. Salim to get back on the goal trail.

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2 hours ago, Hampden Diehard said:
6 hours ago, QPSpider1867 said:
Any insiders on Craig Slater's injury? He would be a massive boost for Saturday.

Supposedly 3-4 weeks anyway from the date of the injury. Can't see him being involved this week.

Possibly a big loss for the Cove game too then. Slater v Fyvie in the middle of the park would be interesting. 

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