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The Dundee United Thread 22/23

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2 minutes ago, skinny arab said:

You think Hibs will finish 3rd and get to 2 cup finals? Jack Ross levels of delusion there. 

I guess my humour didn't come across despite the emoji. Hibs will do well to be 3rd bottom.

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17 minutes ago, Pull My Strings said:

I'd  be fucking delighted if that result was down to the keeper being shite. That's a much easier one to fix. You could have had any goalkeeper in the world between the sticks today and it would have made very little difference.

Fair comment my man, he had a number of decent early saves and was afforded little or no protection throughout.

I, against my better judgement watched Jack Hamilton at Dens leaving a scorch mark on my memory banks. Now he could truly single-handedly, excuse the pun, consistently end your gameplan before anyone was even warmed up! 


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27 minutes ago, skinny arab said:

Fair enough, sarcasm is always more difficult to read than hear. Hibs are indeed pish, not quite Utd pish but pish all the same. 

100% you will pick up your first league win against us in 2 weeks time. 

United could do no worse than signing Newell and Doidge. 

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2 hours ago, Frankie mcl said:

He’s a terrible manager and Dundee utd deserve better, the players don’t like him and I no this when he was at st Mirren and Hibs, his attitude is terrible he thinks he’s the best manager since sliced bread,he has no man management skills at all and from a personal point of view he’s getting what he deserves from what he done too disregard young players who needed an arm round there shoulder.

Who did sliced bread manage again?

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20 minutes ago, Torfason said:

If Utd plan to keep Ross then he needs to empty Mulgrew,  Clark, Watt and anyone else who is working against him"

* if the rumours are true.

He really needs to bring John Potter in so he can do a shite in their shoes.

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11 hours ago, Pull My Strings said:

I've seen nothing from these players previously to suggest that they are bad eggs (Watt aside, maybe). No doubt the relationship is fucked but if everyone has fallen out with the boss, or his methods at least, then it may simply be that the boss is wrong.

On this and the various other points made about him losing the players already, I remember listening to a Tell Him He's Pele interview a few years ago with someone who'd played under Ross at St Mirren. Might have been Rory Loy but can't remember for sure.

Anyway, the player was talking about how much he enjoyed working with Ross and how motivated everyone was in training. I don't know how common this is, but he revealed that training was effectively split into two squads all week where the planned starting XI for the next game would spend pretty much the whole week working with Ross directly, while everyone else in the squad was left working with other coaches and barely saw him.

Obviously at all clubs you'll get some degree of wanting to work with an XI directly on preparation for your next opponent, and clearly for Ross at St Mirren this worked both tactically and in terms of having a motivated squad wanting to work their arses off to get into that XI. However doing it all week long, especially when you have a large squad with some relatively big names to keep happy, seems a pretty risky way to go about things and could easily lead to a split dressing room with players resenting a manager who they have no relationship with.

There's no guarantee Ross still works this way of course, what he did in his first job isn't necessarily what he's doing in his fourth after having big squads with some egos in them at Sunderland and Hibs as well, but it would fit as an explanation of why players could feasibly turn against him so quickly.

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1 minute ago, Highlandmagar said:

Just watched brief highlights. Ooft! The United defence? Where was it? Cringeworthy stuff for that level. Fair do's to Unitrd fans who stayed to watch that. Horrible.

Am I right in saying that's basically the same defence they had in the Championship?  Minus that big bald lump who's name escapes me.  Combine that with probably the worst manager in the league in Jack Ross, and you're in trouble.

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