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The Dundee United Thread 22/23

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31 minutes ago, HailHailHayley said:

Amazed he's still in a job today. When players just give up like they did yesterday then surely it's game over for the manager? And that's ignoring the fact they did the same thing only a couple of weeks earlier.

Without knowing the rights and wrongs of what is going on behind the scenes, it would be nice if 'player power' didn't prevail for once in these modern times..............always just so much easier to get rid of the manager.

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17 hours ago, Diamonds are Forever said:

He got Alloa relegated. When he arrived in December they were 3 points adrift and they finished the season 10 points adrift. He won 2 in 21 games that season. Would have been a tough task to keep them up but still pretty awful. He then started the next season well with a great run of wins and got the St Mirren job. At best you could say he had mixed fortunes at Alloa, one very bad half season and one very good quarter season.

I feel anyone would have had a tough job coming into that Alloa side and keeping them up. Personally I thought he came in and made them a far better and tougher side than Danny Lennon managed. They had 5 points when Lennon left and whilst he might have not closed the gap with Livi, he got considerably more points than they managed in the first half of the season.  

That said precious little success in the last few jobs but given Hibs aren't great 2 managers on, you sometimes wonder if structure of clubs is an issue. 

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1 hour ago, Fletchers Saucy Manbun said:

We're not sacking him are we? 😂

Nah would have happened. Looks like he's getting Wednesdays game now and Id imagine the weekends as well. 

Feel for him, but cant see any way he turns this around. The lack of heart from the players since Alkmaar has been shocking. 



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23 hours ago, Tannadeechee said:

What is your problem @ArabFC The lad asked what the rumours are, he was told what they are. Obviously have another one of these posters that doesn't like other opinions or folk to answer what rumours are.


You're correct. My 'problem' is rumours in general.

Why circulate stuff you know in all likelihood is crap? Maybe you made it up yourself. I don't know.

How many people on this thread posted Ross was gone in the last 24hrs? Did they know? Nope. They just  went for a 50/50 in the hope of being seen as 'itk'. A rumour is born.

Opinions on the other hand are great. Crack on.

My opinion is that we should stick with him for now, and I get red-dotted to shit for it because I'm defo in the minority on that one! Do I care? No. It's actually quite illustrative.

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20 hours ago, CambieBud said:

As an outsider looking in, I was amazed by the lack of fight more than anything else. The one booking was an accidental clash. Not one hard challenge put in all day. Changing the manager won’t change that attitude. 

Yes it would 

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6 hours ago, paranoid android said:

Who'd have thought a dressing room containing Tony Watt would develop problems? 

Watt and Mulgrew supposedly not liking Ross.  Surely a fight between the three of them over who gets to look in the mirror first each day at training?

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