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The General Ross County Chat Thread

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staggies-I am trying to organise a hospitality day at victoria park. Could you guys give me an idea of prices as it doesn't say on the details page of the website and also is it segregated? as there will be both county and ayr fans in my party. Thanks for any info

There are hospitality prices on the official site.

This link is for the corporate hospitality dining package, £750 per table.

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Is it true that a chairman was booked for speeding on his way down to the game recently? As a result of this does he now have 12 points on his licence and is now banned? Finally was the police officer who booked him a former player? ;)

Were the initals of the former player in question MM?*

I actually have no idea about this but I imagine that it was before the game on Saturday?

*Just in case we shouldn't be throwing names about :ph34r:

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How ambiguous, I like it.

I can not confirm nor deny that on a number of occasions, I may or may not have been in what you may (or may not) consider a convoy with the afforementioned and also various members of the family of the afforementioned, and can not confirm nor deny that they may be quite "interesting" people to observe driving. This of course is purely speculation, and none of this can be verified.

I hope that clears that up. :huh:

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