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Ayr United v Dundee Fri 26 Aug @ 7.45pm (Live on the box)

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24 minutes ago, The Master said:

You mean once?

Yes.    He has rattled in 2 goals in 3 career appearances against Dundee, compared to 2 goals in 80 appearances against all other teams in Scotland combined.     Due a hat trick on Friday.  

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In fairness to Billy Dodds, always appeared to stand his round whilst drinking with Alan Dinnie in the Breadalbane Arms in Constitution Road back in the day.
Also braved Fat Sams on a Saturday evening after scoring the winner for us at Tannadice, only to receive a smack in the chops from some sad act Dab creature of the night.
However, that was then, this is now, f**k 'im, imho.
I ended up at some random party with Dodds, Dinnie and Colin West having met them in the Coconut Grove.

Those were the days when he was alright instead of the ***-badge kissing wee p***k he turned into.

Dinnie was in his pre-coke days - I vaguely remember him turning out for Bankfoot whilst he was serving time at Castle Huntly for dealing.

Whatever happened to West? He was talented but seemed to piss it up the wall.
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The last time Ayr were flying before a TV game we could have ended up 9-0 down at half time. 

I think this will be the first time our defence is properly tested other than our usual gifting of goals. 


If Dundee could stick to the script and give us a penalty round about half time, that would be magic. Thanks in advance. 

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2 hours ago, johnnydun said:

Very Rangursy.

We are just getting carried away having seen out team take 15 penalties in competitive games this season.   10 scored by my calculations and only Sean McGinty and Ben Dempsey with 100% records having taken more than 1.  

One for the historians but even having a penalty awarded in our last 3 league games in a row seems pretty unusual.   Wonder what the club record is? 

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On 21/08/2022 at 21:00, The Master said:

You mean once?

Yep, and even then it was because I said this:

On 16/03/2021 at 18:05, RossBFaeDundee said:

I have never heard of Mark McKenzie in my puff, which means he's getting a goal tonight.

I am now sufficiently aware of Mark McKenzie. About as much as one could be I would even say... that being barely.

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