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Scotland v Ukraine (21st Sep)


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We genuinely could be 2/3-0 up if we weren't crapping ourselves as soon as we got anywhere near goal. Christie should've put at least one away for sure. But very positive, despite losing Patterson getting injured and Ukraine not having either Stepanenko or Bodnar off for 2nd yellow/violent conduct respectively.

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Much better from us though, change of formation has really helped us (imagine that making a difference 😂)

More trust in the players to actually play and get on the front foot.

Its been a while since we've played a formation like this, and are doing it pretty well already.

I've got a feeling were going to win this tonight.

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1 minute ago, Donathan said:

The commentators keep debating whether it’s a goal scoring opportunity or not. Had it been a bog standard foul, I’d agree that the covering defender mitigates it to a yellow.


However, that was blatantly violent conduct. He should have been off without a shadow of a doubt and I hope the referee rewatches it at half time and bins him at the first hint of a foul in the second half. 

Yeah the covering defender is irrelevant IMO. It was a terrible challenge and he deserved to be sent off for it.

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Just now, Cardle is Magic said:

Zero intention to play the ball not really relevant since he wasn't last man.

I thought it looked horrific live but on the replay it's nothing like what people are saying on this thread.

Similar to Lumstrum's foul against Hibs when his red was overturned. No attempt to play the ball.

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It’s one of those where refs have no understanding of the game they’re officiating.

That sort of body check with that force is far more violent than the typical red card challenge you often see because of ‘studs’.

Lucky Adams is pretty big and the defender not all that. Imagine a Lee Wilkie type doing it on a Christie/Gilmour. They’d never get up!

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Can see why the ref hasn’t given the red, must have been absolutely dumbfounding thinking you’re refereeing a game of football and one of the players lands a perfectly timed clothesline from hell. Enough to momentarily confuse anyone.

VAR, as usual, is fucking awful.

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First 20m Ukraine sat in and allowed us to pick a pass. They have pushed up a but more now so a bit harder work. The look dangerous on a quick counter.  Anyones game.

Lad got away with a yellow there cos the ball was near the other defender.  

Was it Christie that clearly brought a Ukraine player down by grabbing his head?! 

1-0 to someone.

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Assault maybe a bit harsh but was pretty much a rugby tackle.
Pretty sure the fact he had absolutely zero intention to play the ball and he's clattered him should make it a red.
That would have been a red card on a rugby field, even the egg chasers realise blatent body checks are dangerous
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