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Livi v the Dons

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5 minutes ago, Alert Mongoose said:

Fairly certain it doesn't get wiped.

I apologise. It has reappeared on the stats now. 

We are an absolute bombscare at the back but if we can get a goal early in the end half I think we are right back in this game. 

Listening to the livi commentary and easily the fairest club TV I've heard so far, commentator appears to have done his research on both sides as well. Unlike that useless Tom miller w****r a week and a bit ago who insisted on referring to our number 10 as Bez UJ jen

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Both had their hands up, both were pens. Baron perhaps a bit more sympathy as he knew nothing about it and was just protecting his face. Enjoyed Willie on the radio pontificating about having to learn to just take the ball in the face in the future. 

I actually thought one of the Duks claims had merit but all round we've been unforgivably shite. 

Livi miles the better side here, our defenders just fall to pieces every time they run at us. 

Can't wait for another 45 minutes of this 

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1 minute ago, HarleyQuinn said:

We are absolutely mince. Such a soft team. Our midfield is dreadful.

Don't expect any kind of fightback from us. Miovski's penalty sums us up. Agree with others get him off pens.

We just get bullied far too easily. We seem to be like Rangers in that we are only a game away from a crisis. Lose tonight and lose to Dundee Utd on sat and we go into the break on a massive downer. Although looking at the league, its appearing more and more that it's going to be a record low to finish 3rd. 

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