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2023/24 Scottish Premiership Predictor

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As competitive games get going this Saturday and clubs are starting to take shape, I feel it's time for the way-too-early league predictor! The rules are simple:

  • Any league predictions which list all teams in at least a somewhat readable fashion will be included at the end of the season.
  • All predictions will be accepted until 15:00 on Saturday 5 August 2023 (aka until the first whistles on the league season are blown). This includes edits too, any predictions edited after opening kick off won't count.
  • Yes, it is obviously far too early to tell who will play well, but that's where I think the entertainment factor comes from. Also remember that there's almost always at least one team that overperforms/underperforms, so the occasional wild guess can go quite favourably.

Happy predicting! Here's my ham-fisted attempt to convince myself that this is the year we stay up!

1st. Celtic
2nd. Rangers
3rd. Aberdeen
4th. Heart of Midlothian
5th. Kilmarnock
6th. Hibernian
7th. St Mirren
8th. Motherwell
9th. Ross County
10th. Dundee
11th. Livingston

12th. St Johnstone

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Try and group it, as always.

Celtic/Rangers - Guaranteed to be the top two before the season starts, meh.

Aberdeen/Hearts/Hibernian - Squads too good to be near the bottom half, but that depends on the managers not being a disaster. 2 rookie managers plus Johnson makes it hard to predict.

Livingston/St Mirren - Managers who are proven at this level + squads that have good players for this level. Should both be looking more at the top half than relegation but only if they dont get weaker by the close of the window. Losing Nouble/Anderson or Strain/Baccus/O'Hara could bump them down.

Ross County - Experienced manager and looking like one of the most expensively built squads theyve ever had. A relegation battle would be a major failure, but they might be in one for a period of the season.

Dundee/Kilmarnock/Motherwell/St Johnstone - Think the 4 worst squads in the division? Dundee/Killie trying to build squads, while Motherwell/Saints trying to cull their squad in size while adding quality. 2 first time managers involved here too.

Very early prediction is...

1. Celtic

2. Rangers

3. Aberdeen

4. Hearts

5. Hibernian

6. Livingston

7. St Mirren

8. Ross County

9. Motherwell

10. St Johnstone 

11. Kilmarnock

12. Dundee


Wouldnt be stunned if one of Hearts/Hibs has an absolute shocker, changes managers 3 times, and finishes bottom half.

Also think one of the bottom 4 might challenge the top half.

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1. Celtic

2. Rangers

3. Aberdeen

4. Hibs

5. Hearts

6. St Mirren

7. Livingston

8. Dundee

9. Ross County

10. Motherwell

11. Kilmarnock

12. St Johnstone

Only have Dundee as high as 8th due to the winning momentum but just as likely to be bottom 2. Tbh, the bottom 5 could just be drawn out of a hat.

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Reading these I'm getting the fear a little. A fairly large number of people put us down as having a bad season last season, some even tipping us for relegation, yet it turned out a good season all round.

This time, it seems most have us pegged for a least the best of the rest, and I have to say I don't think our squad (certainly up front and possibly between the sticks too - the caveat being what Carson does) is anywhere as strong as last year.

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1. Celtic

2. Rangers

3. Hearts

4. Aberdeen

5. Hibernian

6. Motherwell

7. Kilmarnock

8. St. Mirren

9. Livingston

10. St. Johnstone

11. Dundee

12. Ross County


An Edinburgh club will win the Scottish Cup and Malky Mackay will be sacked before Christmas.

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1. Celtic - decline will set in but still miles ahead.

2. Sevco - meh will pick up more points than the rest.

3. Aberdeen - horrific and expensive signings last year and Jim Goodwin, still got third. Will be far better. 

4. Hibs - always a turgid and tedious sideways team. Two decent wingers, if they stay fit I expect they'll pick up more points. 

5. Hearts - will always pick up points at tynecastle, it's like a different game on the child-sized pitch. Bangingime will be a boost, signings urgently needed. 

6. St Mirren - horrible team to play against as were Motherwell under Robinson 

7. Motherwell - obvious one, will miss their star man but too much to be in trouble.

8. Livingston - settled team and manager, will survive another year.

9. Kilmarnock - could be in real trouble, I suspect others will be worse.

10. St Johnstone - starting to feel like they are going through the motions. 

11. Ross county - going to be a tough year again. 

12. Dundee - Tony's scatter gun transfer approach has alarm bells ringing, will be interesting to see how they get on.

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Too many people backing Livi to have a good season, when I reckon this'll be our toughest in the top flight.






St Mirren





St Johnstone


This will inevitably change when St Johnstone eventually decide to sign someone

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