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Top 5 Songs with an element from the Periodic Table in the title


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As today is the anniversary of Joseph Priestley conducting an experiment August 1, 1774 crediting him with the discovery of oxygen what are your Top 5 songs associated with the Periodic Table.

Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygène

Graham Parker & the Rumour - Mercury Poisoning

The Cramps - Uranium Rock

Midnight Oil - Tin Legs And Tin Mines

The Cat Empire - Brighter Than Gold


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The songs: 

Kids in Americum- Kim Wilde

Radium Ga Ga - Queen

Lost in Francium - Bonnie Tyler

Lithium and Let Die - Wings

Being Boron - Pet Shop Boys

Bubbling Under: 

Highway to Helium - AC/DC

Our lips are selenium - The Go Go's

You can call me Aluminium - Polonium Simon

Nitrogen Fever - The Bee Gees

You never can tellerium - Chuck Berry 

The Singers and Bands:

Flourine and The Machine

The Curium

Antimony and the Johnsons

Rocket from the Krypton 

Vanadium Morrison 

Carbon Scott

Wolfram Alice/The Filthy Tungsten 

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In alphabetical order:

Ash - Silver Surfer

Ash - Skullfull of Sulphur

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat - The Copper Top

Blondie - Platinum Blonde

Radiohead - My Iron Lung

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