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**Pie and Bovril's Top 100 TV Shows of All Time**

D Angelo Barksdale

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Following on from last year's 100 Top Films poll, this year it's the turn of the small screen.

There's not been a poll for over 10 years, since the now departed poster known as DomDom ran a Top 50 in 2012. Unfortunately, the full results of that one have been lost to the wasteland, but thanks to forum stalwart @JustOneCornetto. I've managed to secure the top 10 and selected others.


1 The Simpsons

2 The Sopranos

3 The Wire

4 Game of Thrones 

5 Breaking Bad

6 Lost

7 Father Ted

8 The Thick Of It

9 The West Wing

10 24

14 Only Fools and Horses, 18 Still Game, 29 Fawlty Towers, 33 Twin Peaks, 34, The Office (UK), 48 Boys from the Blackstuff, 50 Star Trek (original series)

Last year's Film poll ( here ) received nearly 400 different selections and while there was little in the way of surprises in the Top 10, there was a great mix throughout, so hopefully we'll get something similar here.

I'll leave it as open as possible, the only stipulation is that it is a recognised 'series' of multiple episodes. No one off shows or straight to TV films please. Reality TV, soaps, quiz shows, cookery programmes, Match of the Day etc. are all fine if that's what floats your boat. You might not think The Beechgrove Garden is one of the most culturally important pieces of broadcasting, but if you have fond memories of watching it with your dearly departed grandad, feel free to stick it in.

So, give me your Top 10 Greatest TV Shows of All Time please. The first selection on your list will be awarded 10 points, decreasing down to 1 point for your last selection. Voting will close at Midnight 31st December, the countdown to P&B's Greatest TV Show will start on New Year's Day and we'll see if anyone can knock the Springfield mob off their perch.

Voting is obviously open to all, the more the merrier and the more accurate the list will be. Either post your picks in the thread or send me a DM.


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P&B's Top 100 TV Shows of All Time


1 The Sopranos

2 The Wire

3 Breaking Bad

4 The Simpson

5 Better Call Saul

6 The Weat Wing

7 Band of Brothers

8 Still Game

9 The Office

10 Line of Duty

11 Game of Thrones

12 Father Ted

13 Succession

14 Peep Show

15 Alan Partridge

16 Mad Men

17 Fawlty Towers

18 World at War

19 Frasier

20 Blackadder

21 The Thick of It 

22 Auf Wiedersehen Pet 

23 Deadwood 

24 Monty Python's Flying Circus 

25 The X Files

26 Gomorrah 

27 Star Trek TOS

28 Doctor Who 

29 Curb Your Enthusiasm 

30 Twin Peaks

31 Phoenix Nights 

32 The Shield 

33 The Office US


35 Porridge 

36 South Park 

37 True Detective 

38 Family Guy

39 Vikings

40 Derry Girls

41 Das Boot

42 Only Fools and Horses

42 Minder

44 ER

45 Homeland

46 The Boys 

47 Yes, Minister

48 Bojack Horseman

49 The Walking Dead

50 House

51 Lost

52 Chernobyl 

53 The Fast Show

54 Arrested Development 

55 Scrubs

56 The A Team

57 Brass Eye

58 Chewin The Fat

59 Sons Of Anarchy 

60 Andor

61 Married with Children 

61 I, Claudius 

61 Boys From The Blackstuff 

64 Gone Fishing

65 The Royle Family

66 Fargo

67 Peaky Blinders

68 The Tube

69 The Young Ones

70 Life on Earth 

70 Justified

72 It's a Sin

73 Red Dwarf

74 Banshee

75 Prison Break

76 Planet Earth 

77 Hill Steet Blues

78 The Handmaid's Tale

79 The Inbetweeners 

80 The Twilight Zone 

81 Ozark

82 Brooklyn Nine-Nine 

83 Early Doors

84 The Deuce 

85 Space 1999

85 Money Heist

87 Stranger Things 

88 Life on Mars

89 Black Mirror

90 Star Trek TNG

91 Seinfeld 

92 Six Feet Under 

92 Police Squad 

92 Arena

95 Poirot 

95 Happy Valley 

97 Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads?

98 Archer

99 Twenty-Four 

100 The Newsroom 









Edited by Chris Partlow
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1. The West Wing

2. The Wire

3. Police Squad!

4. Breaking Bad

5. M*A*S*H

6. Star Trek: The Next Generation 

7. Frasier

8. Line of Duty

9. Agatha Christie's Poirot 

10. Battlestar Galactica (2004 version)

Quite tough to come up with that list. No doubt will have forgotten a few of my favourites that I've not seen for a while. 

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1. The Professionals 

2. Married with Children 

3. Star Trek original 

4. Babylon 5

5. The A Team

6. Sons of Anarchy 

7. The Rockford Files 

8. The Addams family

9. The last kingdom 

10. The Dukes of hazzard 

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