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Your Club’s Next Manager

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Football management is not the safest of jobs; one bad run of form and you can quickly be shown the door.

I remember reading that Brighton have a shortlist of names for potential new managers that is kept regularly updated, for if/when they need a replacement.

Got me thinking - if your current boss was to leave tomorrow, who are the three main candidates you would like the club to consider as his successor?

For Dunfermline, my picks would be Rhys McCabe, Stewart Petrie & John Kennedy.

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I would presume if your making such plans continuity would be high priority with the assumption behind your not planning on your current manager making such a bad go at it you need to scrap it and start again.

The later happens a lot and it’s hard to make plans for.

For us, if we carry on this path and Mcpake either moves upward or eventually can’t get enough out of the current squad I think Davidson most meets the mould .  Not saying he’d be the best choice but it’s hard to predict exactly where the club will be when you let the manager go.

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Brian Graham would be my number one choice, with the one caveat being that I’m not sure he’s quite ready to give up playing yet. He’s doing an excellent job with the Thistle women’s team and has a great connection with the fans at the club already, so it feels like a logical next step for him.

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We discussed this on the Oh No No No podcast a few weeks back in the context of Ian Murray when the Ross County manager's job came up. Can't remember who it was that said it, but if Murray were to move on and we were looking for continuity at Raith, then Tam Courts would be right up there given he's worked with our ownership before at Kelty.

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2 hours ago, Richey Edwards said:

Michael Moffat will be the next Ayr United manager.

Take that to the bank.

I'd worry about it going a similar way to Mark Roberts tbh.

And I don't think I could bear watching that happen for the Moff.

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