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What Are You Drinking ?

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1 hour ago, carpetmonster said:

 Chicago gets its first drop from Trillium and this shit better be like the virgin Mary’s boob secretions for what it cost 



Cutting tiles is sheer nectar. As is Barr Hill Gin funnily enough, 100% distilled from honey. 

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2 hours ago, philpy said:

I've had 2 bottles of mcewan's champion. Forgotten how nice is it is. Although with the high percentage,  2 is enough 🤣

It's fantastic stuff but yeah, got to be careful with it. I like a nice, smokey whisky with it as well!

10 minutes ago, jimbaxters said:

Mint Julep made with Wild Turkey 101. Very nice!


Sounds great. 

Anyway, I found a Juicy Joker in Sainsbury's. Lovely NEIPA. 


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Loch Lomond Brewery Taproom is a pretty excellent wee place. 

Had Draff (a session IPA - I was the first ever check in to this beer on Untappd, which is always a nice feeling), A Crack in the Clouds (a fantastic bramble imperial sour), Bravehop (their signature West Coast IPA) and Zoom Time (a NEIPA). All really good beers and fantastic to get them straight from the source. You can actually see the brewery tanks from the Taproom.

Also a big shout out to their glassware, which is absolutely gorgeous.


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20 minutes ago, DA Baracus said:

Where did you procure this? Sounds very good indeed!

I picked up a couple of cans at Good Spirit Company on Bath Street on Glasgow. Their website seems to not have it in stock any more. A quick search online shows sold out at all the top Google hits I'm afraid.

If you're brave I can recommend this - https://www.northernmonk.com/products/barrel-aged-strannik-imperial-stout?_pos=2&_psq=stout&_ss=e&_v=1.0

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