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What Are You Drinking ?

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After buying this I thought I’ve had this before and it turns out I have but brewed by Revel in Bullimba (Brisbane) in conjunction with Big Shed, Royal Park (Adelaide). This one is the southern version brewed at Big Shed. According to the label Neo-Mexicanus hops are a subspecies of wild and ‘rebellious’ varieties native to the mountains of New Mexico. One of the 3 hop varieties used is Zappa. Wowie Zowie, don’t know if it would give me dog breath in the year of the plague but it is a mother of invention of a beer. It’s also very good.


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M and S Black Forest Stout, produced by Vocation. Predictably good, cherry stout from a brewery that specialises in this product. 6.5% which is also more flexible than their 11%, barrel-aged showstoppers. 

Also went through the till at £2 rather than the £2.50 shelf price, so excellent value too. 

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7 hours ago, Arch Stanton said:

On the flight back from Prague I bought a bottle of Gordon's Gin. On closer inspection it's 47.3%. 🙃

Coupled with some Don Simon Lemon and Lime drink, a splash of soda and ice it makes a lovely Tom Collins.

gin and tonic GIF

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