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What Are You Drinking ?

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In Aberdeen for a couple of days. Went to Brewdog Castlegate before dinner and had halves of their own Custom Shop and Pulp Patriot. Both very good. Also had halves of Three Hills Heidrun (pretty good) and Vault City's Love Hearts - which I loved in a can and was even better on draught.

Stopped back in after dinner for some tins and am starting with the Passion Fruit version of Hazy Jane which I'm.enjoying immensely. Even if it is being drunk out of a coffee mug.


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Red IPA, a limited release from Big Shed Brewing. The train is an old Adelaide suburban train that locals called a Red Hen. No air conditioning other than windows and manual sliding doors. Seems the we’re in use until the 1990’s although I thought it was the 80’s. When smoking was banned on trains but still permitted in stations the seasoned smoker would have their fag in mouth and have it lit as before their feet he touched the platform. The beer is good.


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Completely agree, all decent and can't complain about rounding off the evening with a Dark Island. Lovely beer although I had one of my rare beer aggressive moments on it.

Anyway Cold Hand IPA from Dark Revolution Brewing is described as crisp, dry, fruity. Have to agree with that and I'd enjoy a pint of this if I got it in a pub.


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