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What Are You Drinking ?

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@Derry Alli and indeed all other Dundee based lads.

That Discovery Beer shop opened yesterday. Haven't been yet but seen their videos on Facebook. Looks like a very good place so will be visiting next week to browse and pick up some cans. They also have a licence for allowing folk to drink inside too.

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Posted another photo of this last week. It's exceptional.


As I mentioned, it was on a clearance sale at Morrisons. Picked up a couple of cans the week before last to give it a taste. Loved it so much when I tried it last Saturday that I went up to Morrisons last week and cleared them out (was £1 a can, there were 7 left in stock).

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11 hours ago, Archie McSquackle said:

Jeezy peeps man, a wonderful Wild Wild Westie from Overtone to finish off a great day with a very enjoyable trip to Arbroath. Now, if I could only work out why there's been fireworks going off all night in Glasgow. 


Lunar New Year I'd imagine for the fireworks.

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