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  1. Yeah Motherwell are effectively just us by Davidsons end. Play well, miss half chances, concede from nothing. Zero response until you just launch attackers at it. Then you either get a point due to sheer force of numbers in the box, or you get thumped as your lack of shape is exposed. Theres clearly a good team in there that just needs a new voice installing some confidence in them though.
  2. We still require a fair bit of surgery in January to have a chance of avoiding the bottom two, i think thats an opinion all Saints fans have. We have very little/no quality outwith our best line up. Folk like Brown and Gallacher are back up quality, while we've got Costelloe coming off the bench whos got literally no redeeming features. Add Wright and Clark into our starting 11 regularly and we'd be pushing top half, but such are the margins we dont have them and instead sit 11th. Missed Considine today too IMO. Its frustrating that we've gone on a good run, and now face a tougher run of games, and all its accomplished is helping us catch up with others. Both games against Motherwell we should be holding on consdiering how late we held a lead, and that wouldve been us on 19pts and 7th.
  3. Id forgotten how frustrating it was to not get a result when youre confident you will, its been so long (league wise) for that to happen. Possibly a good reminder that we've not actually achieved anything yet and all the effort so far has simply been about catching up.
  4. Yeah, Levein cost us that. Its been an issue throughout his tenure so far that he does nothing unless its too late or unless its to make us more defensive. Today he done both. A braver manager sees Motherwell have literally no defensive shape and tries to keep at them, we went 5-4-1 with Stevie May not even actually playing up front.
  5. Thats what i mean. He shouldnt suddenly be saved if you scramble an equaliser or winner late on, really.
  6. 20 minutes of football shouldn't decide your clubs long term future. Its a cycle we got caught in with Davidson.
  7. Also, if our players could concentrate on actually playing the game and not this bullshit rolling about looking for a red card then that would be great. That shite appearing in our games generally means the players are lacking interest and we play shite accordingly.
  8. Would genuinely be subbing Jaiyesimi off already. Absolutely fucked after a half of football FFS.
  9. Motherwell seem remarkably soft, physically. We haven't got near going in attack at all. Feels like a 0-0 and both managers saying it could've been worse so you accept the point.
  10. Hard to believe, watching this, that stat that we havent scored away in the league this season tbh.
  11. He'd also played over 100 games for ICT before even signing for you.
  12. Yeah looked like it too, but unsure how it was classed officially, and you can never fully trust a club to actually follow concussion protocols if they dont have to.
  13. Glad our line up feels relatively settled now. Mitov in goal. McGowan, Gordon, Robinson all the back 5. Either Considine or Gallacher goes in where Robinson doesnt on the left. RWB could be anything though. Brown, Costelloe or Jaiyesimi all options IMO. Midfield/Attack will have Smith, Phillips and Carey. Then you pick 2 from Sprangler, Kucheriavyi (depending on whether his injury during the week is classed as concussion), Jaiyesimi, Costelloe, Kane, and May. Depends if we go with the 5-2-2-1 type shape, or 5-2-3, or 5-3-2. Have options now. I want to see Mitov Jaiyesimi - McGowan - Gordon - Robinson - Gallacher Carey - Phillips - Smith Kane - May But chances of that are slim/none.
  14. Raith look great fun but i can fully see them being chucked about in a similar manner as Falkirk were when they played Kilmarnock.
  15. Think things are a bit skewed by how theres regularly a big spending team coming up too, so its almost like a Premiership team in the Championship returning than a Championship side reaching the Premiership, if that make sense? Hearts, Hibs, Rangers would all fit that i think. Then you had United getting promoted while having Shankland up front, and Kilmarnock being promoted with McInnes in charge.
  16. He can play CB and CM quite naturally so it would make sense.
  17. Only happened once in the last 10 seasons im sure, and it was Dundee a few years back.
  18. Im probably just being harsh, and i do think hes getting better at it the more confident he is, but he struggled to do anything in attack early on for me as a wing back.
  19. Aye. Dundee will be fine, having McInnes in charge helps a lot mind you. Lack of a proper goalscorer is probably the thing that could cost them the top 6 though.
  20. Youd genuinely be surprised how wrong WyScout can get peoples height (hes listed as 5"8 on there, same as Callum Slattery if they compared v your squad), and how hard in general it is to get an accurate height/weight for footballers. Theres genuinely every chance they thought he was a few inches taller depending on where they looked (if they looked).
  21. Worth remembering if an International manager flops, hes not costing a business millions of pounds and likely seeing 10+ people lose their livelihood. Kettlewell isnt managing some u18 club with no consequences for his failings. Managers deserve more time, but they also dont deserve an endless amount of rope either. Hes showing all the signs of someone whos both out of (sensible) ideas and who the players have completely lost faith it. I cant think of a single manager whos turned things around from the position hes in.
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