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  1. So was it 2 qualifying in those days? Obviously NI qualified so surprising Portugal were third.
  2. We don't start playing until we're two down so the longer you leave it, the better for you. Is Naismith enough of a master tactician to realise this?
  3. The argument that has been made is that the approach to aerial challenges needs to change. If a player kicks the ball clear and follows through and makes contact with an opponent's challenging foot then you generally see a foul and often a booking. When the same thing happens with heads, which are obviously more dangerous to players, it's just seen as one of those things (as it was here).
  4. Somebody had to so no point in dragging it out. I don't actually think we'll win because I never do.
  5. Assessments look as they consist of asking a player if he knows who he is and how many fingers are being held up. In Butcher's interview he said he had nose broken at the Kilmarnock game and it was reset on the pitch. I'm glad I was far enough away that I couldn't see it.
  6. Wow, that's buttons. No wonder there's so many getting set off. I'm intrigued by the rockets section- can you imagine the reaction to those getting set off? I'm joking before anyone goes off on one.
  7. Out of interest, how much do these flares cost? Seems like a fair bit of money literally going up in smoke.
  8. Strategically placed! SPFL youtube highlights showed the banner quite clearly- fair play to them. Edit, sorry- it was Motherwell's video not the SPFL.
  9. We talked about this during the game on Saturday, seems too much of a coincidence for it not to be something deliberate. I've not heard it mentioned at all but you wonder if the refs tell them before the game or if the clubs were told before the season.
  10. Google Maps is trying to send me on crazy diversion as it says the M77 is closed near the junction. Anyone in the area know if this is correct?
  11. This is a shambles. Everyone off because the officials' communications aren't working.
  12. We're playing the wrong team for the zombie graphics. Think of the fun they could have had.
  13. If Wilkinson plays tomorrow night, and I expect him to, he really needs to show a bit more presence. Saturday wasn't the first time that he failed to move towards a ball coming into the box just because a defender was standing slightly in front of him. He really needs to be putting in more of an effort to get by players rather than meekly standing by. Other than that, I think he shows more link-up play and passing ability than Bair or Shaw but that wouldn't be particularly difficult.
  14. I'm no Rangers aficionado but my memory is of him mainly playing in midfield. No matter the position, he was well down the pecking order for an international cap.
  15. Am I right in saying Bair has a two year deal? If so, I'm assuming Kettlewell saw him as a project signing and wasn't expecting him to be playing as much as this at this stage. Even so, he looks very limited and very much the back-up he was intended to be. The less said about Shaw the better.
  16. Just watched it tonight. Disappointed at the start, lost a bit of oomph with that news but enjoyed the series.
  17. The new series is getting a lot of publicity, Robert Carlyle seems to be everywhere. I've never watched any of it - is it any good?
  18. He doesn't seem to be at all bothered by the danger to him or that his dog could have become trapped below the forest surface when it came back down.
  19. I think I heard them saying on the TV that the flood defences were designed for a river height of 3.8m but it got up to 5.1m. Either that was considerably greater than a 1 in 200 year event or the statistics used to determine the volume of rainfall were well off. Drainage to new developments has to be designed for the worst rainfall event in 200 years (100 years in England). Technically, this could happen this year, next year or at any time in the next 200 years. There's also an additional climate change allowance which has been increasing over the years and varies depending on the requirements of each council area. It used to be 15 or 20% but 30 or 40% is more common nowadays. I believe SEPA requires 35% in the east and 55% in the west for projects under their jurisdiction, which this presumably would have been. Obviously floor prevention is different but new development only needs to be designed to cope with a 1 in 30 year storm without flooding. For worse storms it is permissible to have flooding within surrounding areas as long as the water doesn't enter buildings, stop escape routes or flow off the site. It's all very theoretical though and highly dependent on maintenance so drains being blocked by leaves doesn't help. TLDR - it was a hell of a lot of rain that was always going to cause flooding.
  20. Are most of them not just parked outside their own homes? Has there been advice that people should move their cars to higher streets? I think it's just one of those things in these circumstances.
  21. Whenever there's a news story where the locals are fleeing whatever impending doom is coming their way, I've often wondered, is there a similar line of broadcasting units and reporters heading in the opposite direction?
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