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  1. It only decided it based on the voting structure that is in place. The Dundee vote decided whether the Championship. If it had been a regular vote them it wouldn't. 81% voted for it.
  2. Always amazed.by this argument. Doncaster is the head of the SPFL. The SPFL is the clubs, and only carries out the will of the clubs & takes the shit so they don't have to. I'm not saying he's great or doing a brilliant job, but he is not doing anything other than the clubs wishes. Is the club I'm safe hands? Genuine question, what happened with the stand? Was that not her and it was over budget,no seats and some "strange" stairwells etc? The budget seems to be blown on a bloated, lesser than the sum of their parts squad.
  3. Bollocks! From January to the season's "end", Hearts won 9 points, Ross County 8pts. I'm not sure, but to me it looks pretty even, just the 1 point in it. I could list the dates and results if you'd like.
  4. I could quite believe him going down that route. If he does how will he square that with his championing of Kelty & Brora who in Kelty's case 6pts ahead of 2ñd who had a game in hand & 5 games still to go?
  5. If the league goes ahead and games are being played that can be broadcast, why would they need refunded, when they are getting what they paid for? Since you have answers, then you'll be able to list them and the facts to back them up. This is the refunds you are referring to are what you claim is due to these companies if Hearts win the case.
  6. Point 1 how? All they have done is, as anyone served notice, is engage lawyers. If it gets thrown out it.stays as it is. Point 2 what refund? Sky have contract from this season, you win and it's 14 top league the season still goes ahead with (as long as both are in top 6) 4 OF* games. So why would they need refunded, nevermind roughy 20-25% of one season costs?
  7. Exactly ICT (Spoofer did bump his gums originally) yourselves, Ayr and Arbroath, Falkirk, East Fife,.Airdrie, Montrose, Edinburgh City, Elgin, Cowdenbeath (possibly Stirling Albion) all lost out on promotion playoffs, many voted to do so as in their opinion it was best for Scottish football. This was pointed out to Tom English by Donald Findlay where English told him their form wasn't good enough (words to that effect), they were in play off place. All that could be done was find the least, worst option. Loads of clubs affected.
  8. Don't believe that was possible. UEFA have said Leagues have to be finished by August. Consider the Scottish Government haven't said we can play yet, many clubs wouldn't have survived without the payments I would ask for genuine proposals for how this would have happened?
  9. No they aren't DU/RR/Cove is purely in defense of the notice served on them. Why would they receive a warning when they haven't raised any action against the SPFL?
  10. We know you'd see the light at some stage. Don't worry, no one from here will tell anyone else
  11. Finally got round to listening to Monday's podcast. Having found myself getting increasingly annoyed at Tom English and having read the previous comments on Monday's podcast I approached it with some trepidation. Holy shit, he has lost the plot. That was a dreadful piece by a publicly funded broadcaster. I could have understood that from a fan podcast, or some sort of commercial broadcaster looking for comments leading to a bigger audience for advertisers. "Is it fair? Is it fair?" Put a sock in it. No this whole situation is not fair. There is always winners and losers, that's sport. You can not make everyone happy, what you do is get the least worst plan and see it through. The ending of the leagues was made by a vote of clubs (irrespective of the voting structure it was over 80% in favour, that's a landslide). Reconstruction has been voted down 2 or 3 times is it? The last by near enough ⅔ against, elections the world over are won on less votes. Donald Findlay was pretty much spot on, clubs have voted to end the season knowing they will lose out on playoff places, league placing a and all the financial hit that will entail. Kelty & Brora have not lost out on a place in the league, but on a place in a playoff to then face another playoff to see if they get promoted. All play offs in all leagues have been binned in exactly the same manner, where is your indignation Tom? The Ross County free fall comments are laughable last 16 games RC 15pts Hearts 11pts (13 games in his written article as he knew the 16 was bollocks, RC 9pts and Hearts 10pts). Now I have no issues with folk who have a different point of view on the situation, but his myopic tunnel vision where he fails to acknowledge facts because they don't fit his agenda is wrong. What was the point of Kenny McIntyre? He is supposed to "chair" the podcast to allow a fair and balanced debate, safe to say he completely failed in that. It is doing its job though, we are all talking about it and listening to it, so have we created the monster?
  12. Used to have a lot of time for Tom English, but the last wee while he has been truly horrendous. He has been one sided, obnoxious, sensationalist and his ability to deal in facts has been poor also. It really is quite something to see the turn around in him. He is so far along this path it is impossible for him to turn around. Read his piece today, very, very, poor indeed.
  13. Not that I want to give them credit, but Mulgrew came through the ranks at Celtic. He was loaned to United as part of the deal to take Mark Wilson to Celtic. The rest of your point stands though and totally agree.
  14. As I said no one is disputing the over all trend of Germany compared to UK, USA or any other country. That is not in dispute not what was said. Quoted you so that your graph is included Yes mixing up figures, my German is poor & was trying to get figures during a quick break. Realised after I'd posted but didn't have time to come back and correct so have to take the flack for that. Whether the slaughterhouse cases and/or care home cases are skewing the figures there had been a rise from Sunday to Wednesday with a small number of areas stopping the lifting of restrictions. The R rate as supplied by RKI is above 1, but they believe that as long as its not breaching 1.2 they are OK. The original comment was not saying there is massive rises, nor was it saying its worse than UK. It was to do with restarting football. As Germany has lifted, there has been a rise in numbers of new cases, in some cases this is to be expected, as people mingle more etc. Whether this is enough of a trend or whether it was a 3 day blip it was difficult to say as of yesterday. As todays figures show a drop in new cases again. I have included screenshots of your supplied graph to show falling new cases, and note the graphs trend showing an upward slant (increasing new cases). which is what I said originally and ties in with the "slaughterhouse and care home cases. Today's shows a not continuing trend and this rise may have been due to these and other "one offs" and not continuation, but the rise (small as it turns out) was inline timewise with the lifting. Anyway this has f**k all to do with Sportsound
  15. Not denying that. But they have had an increase of since Tuesday of approx 7500 cases ( just 2 days and not allnof Wedn as today hasn't finished). 3 areas have breached the limits set. They are in a good position, but the other benefit they have is they, as a generalisation, have a population less likely to go "f**k you, I'm going out anyway" unlike here. The other half's grandparents were from Germany & she still has relatives over there. So we're in contact with them. Had been looking to.go back over again this year, but situation has over taken us. Still hopeful of getting over later to see 1 FC Lok kick off new season (hopefully) in Bundesliga 3.
  16. Apologies for being slow of the mark with this, for.me the lockdown has made no difference, in work everyday, so not really had the time during the day to go through everything and respond immediately. Key work and all that!
  17. Here is a graph from Bloomberg showing data from Johns Hopkins... and an excerpt from the daily report by Germany's Robert Koch institute. https://www.rki.de/DE/Content/InfAZ/N/Neuartiges_Coronavirus/Situationsberichte/Gesamt.html Cases up 4288 on Wednesday Tuesday it was up 3252 cases. Three municipalities inSchleswig-Holstein, Thuringia, and North-Rhine Westphalia, reported increases past the threshold that would allow lifting of restrictions to be suspended. That's from German media & 2 scientific institutions, but of course everything is "British media" bullshit isn't it?
  18. No issue with that. Always been of the opinion if you have different opinion state it, debate it, you know like an adult. I'll like somemething I agree with, if i don't agree, I'll state my case. Does that answer your facetious remark?
  19. That will be Germany that's finding a rise in infections since they eased their restrictions and a number of positive cases in teams. The league has been called (champ down) & permission gained to call Prem. It isnthte correct decision. Allows everyone to prepare for next season, whenever that maybe.
  20. A P&B nemesis, I might have to post sensible comments in nonsensical arguments more often & I might get my own!
  21. Just a pity "successful business woman, but a bit shit at running a football club with stand palava, managerial fuckups and signing policy akin to 50p on the table, winner stays on" is a bit of a mouthful!!
  22. @BonniePrinceCharlie you down voted this, fair dos everyone is entitled to their opinion,I resect that. But any chance you could debate and tell me where you think I'm wrong, from a Scottish football perspective, not a "I don't want to play championship football" persective?
  23. Just listened to today's podcast. f**k me Tom English loves the sound of his own voice. He has lost the plot. Yes there may be things folk are not happy with, but he has failed as a journalist, whose job is to "report" news, or if you get fed information, take that and investigate it. You don't just take what your told as gospel,any journalist worth their salt knows there is 3 side to a story the one you've been told, the other side's story & the truth. Unfortunately Tom has taken what he's been fed as the only truth, ignored evidence from other sources and now shouting down and ignoring what doesn't fit his agenda. If he had done his job properly, we would be discussing a story of the procedural errors etc of the SPFL workings over this. It would have been done and dusted. Unfortunately with all the shite and half assed bollocks he's coming away with its lost. Totally buried under the flame fanning he's doing.
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