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  1. No issue with that. Always been of the opinion if you have different opinion state it, debate it, you know like an adult. I'll like somemething I agree with, if i don't agree, I'll state my case. Does that answer your facetious remark?
  2. That will be Germany that's finding a rise in infections since they eased their restrictions and a number of positive cases in teams. The league has been called (champ down) & permission gained to call Prem. It isnthte correct decision. Allows everyone to prepare for next season, whenever that maybe.
  3. A P&B nemesis, I might have to post sensible comments in nonsensical arguments more often & I might get my own!
  4. Just a pity "successful business woman, but a bit shit at running a football club with stand palava, managerial fuckups and signing policy akin to 50p on the table, winner stays on" is a bit of a mouthful!!
  5. @BonniePrinceCharlie you down voted this, fair dos everyone is entitled to their opinion,I resect that. But any chance you could debate and tell me where you think I'm wrong, from a Scottish football perspective, not a "I don't want to play championship football" persective?
  6. Just listened to today's podcast. f**k me Tom English loves the sound of his own voice. He has lost the plot. Yes there may be things folk are not happy with, but he has failed as a journalist, whose job is to "report" news, or if you get fed information, take that and investigate it. You don't just take what your told as gospel,any journalist worth their salt knows there is 3 side to a story the one you've been told, the other side's story & the truth. Unfortunately Tom has taken what he's been fed as the only truth, ignored evidence from other sources and now shouting down and ignoring what doesn't fit his agenda. If he had done his job properly, we would be discussing a story of the procedural errors etc of the SPFL workings over this. It would have been done and dusted. Unfortunately with all the shite and half assed bollocks he's coming away with its lost. Totally buried under the flame fanning he's doing.
  7. Please, please PLEASE!!! I can only wish that would be true. The greatest thing for next season would be if they never set foot in our ground again. They've boycotted us before, but they still, unfortunately turned up. That guy is an absolute rocket, did his carers know he was phoning?
  8. Thats what I meant. The clubs have voted to give the SPFL board the permission to call ir, but it hasn't been called as yet, so Hearts are still officially a Premiership team. Badly written by me. Any club needing a statement written????
  9. The Premiership hasn't been called yet. Its only been given permission to be called by the clubs.
  10. Played as much a part in their vote and thinking as Heart's situation did in theirs.
  11. They need to get the IT guy to check their security system for blocked emails
  12. Makes a change from the usual vain attempt at football related chat when theres no football! Are we really sure this isn't deliberate to get folk talking about SPFL as part of some media campaign? As some of these statements.really are beyond parody!
  13. Course they do, unless your telling me that those people who become "Chairpersons" do not have any interest in following the sport they will be working in and is the most widely followed sport in the country that has over 100,000 going to games everyweek not including those that follow but don't/can't attend.
  14. But that statement was after the vote and this resolution. That was ICT saying the were fine with the league winners and promotion after it was confirmed. This latest statement is relating to a story about their behaviour prior to that vote. The DR story also seems to corroborate Dunfermline's statement who say SG was more the "bully" and will be backed up by other clubs. Thus latest ICT sounds more like child trying to save skin while caught with their hands in the biscuit tin!
  15. Exactly,bad enough what we say now!!!
  16. Oh dear... Doesn't this.section confirm the DR story? They tried to out that forward, got told no because blah!, blah! blah! & then had a hissy fit.
  17. Exactly, show me any football fan who has never said something along those lines about a rival club & I show you a liar. It doesn't mean its true, it could be a joke, it could just be rivalry type banter. Thats not to say he may feel that way but context is everything.
  18. Scott Gardiner has now padlocked his Twitter and changed his profile picture, to one depicting a "Peoples Front of Judea" flag. I'd say that was appropriate as they were a small bunch who complained about the Romans, except for everything they did that was right & never achieved anything! Seriously though did they honestly think the other clubs involved would just sit back and take these accusations and say nothing? Aberdeen's statement if taken at face value I get. Its basically saying due to the distrust, lets have an independent investigation & that way its all done and dusted and we can the accept its findings & move on. Only problem is, as it transpires, that may be giving into "bullying" itself. Total shit show, but it is entertaining.
  19. Reading the SPFL reply, the paragraph that stands out is this one. Now if true that the SPFL has been contacted by other clubs unhappy at this, Rangers* have shot themselves in the foot big style, they have no support and more than likely a push to be sanctioned.
  20. Just had a look at that. Jeez, if he'd come out and said , "lads, I need to be honest, there are things I feel Neil Doncaster & Rod Mckenzie and others have got wrong, which we'd all agree on, but I was wrong. There is nothing in these allegations to support the gnashing of teeth & shouting that is going on". No one would criticise him ( other than a certain mindset) and he would gain much credit. Instead he is about to be buried under the dirt from his own hole he's digging that much.
  21. I've seen this type of thing suggested by others elswhere, but as you've said there are holes. My take on these type of suggestions are Who looks after the hotels? If the players are having to isolate away from their families etc for however long this takes to keep them "free" from infection who runs the hotels? Who does the cleaning the cooking the maintenance etc.? Because under this idea (and others of a similar type) you would need to have all the staff isolate in the hotel too. If they weren't doing so then they would be a major fly in the ointment of isolating the players as every member of staff going home could be a source of infection that could then spread like wildfire through the hotel population. This has been seen many times before. So unless every member of staff isolates in the hotel away from their home and families, in some case possibly having to bring their family in as well as they may be sole carers, the isolation is pointless. Massive extra costs in testing, extra compensation payments to staff etc. Not just players, but all club staff required by the team. Every member of staff, from manager, coaches, club doctor, physio(s), kitman, coach driver(if employed by club) amongst others. SFA Officials. All referees and asst refs would need to do the same. As refs etc have day jobs, not all my be sitting at home, and may not be able to isolate in a hotel and employer possibly wouldn't allow them to do that nor would all of them be able to "their jobs remotely". Would they be willing to isolate away from family and home for that long? There are other issues I see straight away with these types of ideas, but most of them could be worked around, its just in all of them it is talked about is players. They are just a percentage of the people that would have to be affected in the above idea, the majority of the rest would probably tell those putting the idea to isolate away from family, be unable to leave family unattendd etc for umpteen weeks to f**k right off, for want of a phrase. I know I would in that situation.
  22. This is exactly what they did. They had already paid out the money based on the bottom position in all leagues, except for those that could finish no lower than 6th in Premiership who got payment equal to 6th. This was done in March and reported in ALL good (and not so good) news outlets. This vote was to allow the rest of the money to be paid out. Money which is dependent on finishing position. It was also to call the Championship down which financially WAS required by many clubs. It was also to get agreement to call the Premiership if necessary NOT to call it there and then. We are into May & I find it astonishing that alleged football fans, by definition those who follow football news, and football forums where football news is discussed, STILL don't get that.
  23. The bit in bold really irks me and says to me that none of them should be in a job! The BBC themselves reported back in March that this was the case. Anyone actually following this story knew this. It is absolutely shocking that professional journalists do not and can not do the next to no research required to know this. What the hell are they doing for their wages? From what I can see they should ALL be cleared out and competent replacements sought
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