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  1. Really good point There were three of. us in hospitality yesterday to celebrate my. 70th leaving 3 empty seats in W2 Could have been resold with the.demand
  2. We need good cover for Ryan Strain We’re well short here Flynnie is OK but it’s a down on our currrent options
  3. When I was at school in the late 60s we had gym shorts that colour It was known as Paisley Blue so that might be the connection
  4. I remember that Hughie Gilshan goal Scored in the fog Half the ground didn’t see it! Featured on the cover of programmes for a few weeks The other notable point about that game was Rangers new goal machine Colin Stein failed to score for the first time in a number of games ETA Oops just noticed the Captain has posted that very photo!
  5. Macaroni pie, vegan sausage roll not to your liking ? Won't a macaroni pie have lard in the pastry,?
  6. There has been astro turf on the sides since the stadium opened I recall thinking the pitch went right out to It then but was narrowed a couple of years later
  7. When I was a boy many moons ago players got booked for ungentlemenly conduct that is any attempt to cheat or decieve the ref All changed now
  8. When's the next installment ? Can't wait!! This is so pointlessly brilliant!
  9. Saw them and Fred Wedlock on the same nivht at Devizes psychiatric hospital social club before their big hits
  10. Those rubber legs made him more gangly than any six footer !!
  11. When it comes to awkward gangly players who are untenably brilliant look no further than the best Frank Mc Garvey
  12. Premier Sports blurb for St Mirren v Morton in the League Cup next week as the 135th season of the oldest trophy in football Don't they know the difference between the Scottish Cup and the Scottish League Cup?
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