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  1. Rather than that last one being my last post this will be. Been on this site for 14 years. Met a few people off here who are sound people. However got a new job in football ( which I've been lucky to land) and unfortunately it's in my best interests to not post on ah football forum or certainly according to an Ex pro. Been a pleasure and certainly the only forum I've ever posted on. Hopefully the club can bounce back regardless of what league we are in. Mon the Dees
  2. Wasn't being a dick about it. Just went with what I knew ( check post above regarding where he played for Peterhead ). Regarding Mulligan... he is doing well. So we can both be happy and hope he carries on getting games on the wing..... Will give you a greenie because I'm nice that way. Insults I understand. Simpleton probably been the best so far since I've been on here... Speaking of football.....
  3. This was his stats for Peterhead and this is what I've went with...... however playing ahead of kerr and doing good can only be a gd thing.
  4. Don't be a fanny. However we can agree he plays better out wide ( which I said right wing back he did at Peterhead)..... again I'm all for him been given more game time. Him and Anderson and Sharp.
  5. I'm in an agreement with this. He is usually a walking yellow card when he gets tired but I feel if you used him correctly and for certain games ud see what is in his locker. Nobody ever doubted his ability but his fitness hasn't helped in certain games in the season. I'd give him a last season in championship and maybe even In to coaching if he is going down that avenue.
  6. The fear of not getting Ross but McGhee would be unreal. In the sea it goes.
  7. Like John Terry in champions league final ? Sure Akinfemwa is retiring this season
  8. Yeah was speaking to a mate about the team the day. I reckon we should just go for it n give him the number 1 jersey n back him up. Legzdins isn't anything special n Lawlor is not the best so don't see why not go for it with Sharp. Anderson I hope keeps on going. Robertson needs game time. Out on loan for a full season and actually playing would do him good. Mulligan I've no clue.... got rave reviews at Peterhead n seen some glimpses of him. I've said before but I'd like to see him at right back. Other youngsters I've nae idea on how there progressing. Have to ask other fans on opinions of the other players out on loan. Seen it before where players went out on loan and then released so see what happens wee these youngsters.
  9. Out of all of them Barbarians I will watch. Comedy I don't mind but meh. Cheerie
  10. Home win.. Guessing we have never had a manager who has never won a game before....
  11. Taboo was good. Surprised there isn't a second season. Need recommendations for another tv series on Netflix
  12. 1 red dot and you sent a private message. Seek help, please
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