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  1. EasyJet have a few seats left for a direct flight back to Edinburgh for 230 if you can find a cheapish and quick flight out
  2. This is the only issue I have, why was the total number of tickets not given?
  3. The reserve list puzzles me, normally if you have a reserve list you get told where you are on the list eg 1st or 40th so you have an idea of your chances. Also just out of curiosity I would have like to know how many tickets for Iceland the club are actually getting and how many fans applied for them.
  4. Wonder if the issue with tickets for Albania has been held up by the last part of that statement. Maybe they know if they get through a part of the stadium will be closed as punishment.
  5. My best guess is as the car is driving away it’s the new away strip launch
  6. Much easier from Edinburgh, still need to change flights but it’s the same airport
  7. We have hotels booked at both with free cancellation, so will cancel the one we don’t need.
  8. Firstly well done St Mirren, my grandson loved the pre match football darts and basketball great to see this at the ground. Have said from day 1 that VAR in Scotland was a bit pointless due to the number of cameras at games, they rarely get a good angle on a lot of the calls they have to make. Got to wish Aberdeen all the best in midweek hoping the get through and are in West Ham’s group because on what I watched yesterday it it would make the Hibs result against Villa look respectable.
  9. Bit rich from the team that put a St Mirren Player out injured for the past 7 months
  10. To be fair to Tanser he dealt well with a better player in Boyle, as did Strain, to extent that hibs were switching wingers
  11. No it’s not St Mirren play Dundee then the cup tie then Aberdeen all at home then Livingston away Motherwelll St Mirren is the next week after that
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