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  1. You could maybe have an 18 team league and keep it interesting if willing to have a 4 team playoff for the last European spot. If we were going down a salary cap route, I think a luxury tax style thing would be mildly interesting to look into. You can spend what you like but at certain thresholds you have to pay "tax" into a pot that gets distributed amongst the other teams. You could maybe tie it into it not applying to salaries for Scottish players, or who've come through the ranks. Not necessarily saying I'd implement these, but the two things I think about when this type of discussion comes up.
  2. this is a quote from van Veen 'That club was still battling it out with St. Mirren, but I have a slightly different feeling about the Kilmarnock coach. I'm an emotional person, so that's what I'm going for.
  3. thought my best bet was 2 x the EUR 150 tickets for Scotland / Hungary (and willing to go one level up or down) but no luck on that or any of the other 8 games. Ah well. RE: the UEFA resale platform - anyone know if they will be sold at cost price or is it a free for all? I'm guessing the former?
  4. Great info, cheers. Thanks for taking the time to write that up.
  5. Peterhead and FC Volendam in Holland. Both fishing places. Neither has a train station. Unusual local accents. Not sure how proddy Peterhead is as a place but Volendam play in orange.
  6. Ah this is good timing as planning a trip that will include Bratislava and Krakow in it. Plan at the moment is train from Bratislava to Poprad, stay there and then bus it to Krakow. Anyone (looking at vT here!) with feedback if that seems a decent idea? Would maybe do a bit of walking but mostly looking for some mountain scenery, Slovak beer and food. And was thinking two nights in Poprad.
  7. If you like wine, the Ahr valley is close. Someone on here talked about it a few years ago and I ended up going and enjoying it. There were massive floods after that and a lot was destroyed, so not sure what like now, sorry!
  8. Totally agree. It's also got a good TV deal because games are kicking off at all times of the weekend.
  9. Exactly. He literally said Morecambe were a far better team than Ross County, but he doesn't literally mean exactly 100 times better ffs!
  10. Another vote for Utrecht as a place to stay. Because the arena is on the east of Amsterdam, Utrecht Centraal is pretty much the same distance time wise. Great wee city with plenty of bars and nice canals. (although accommodation is getting more and more expensive there I've noticed)
  11. they had the audio of it one one of the last ones. It does sound a bit like c**t (although the Chris guy reckons it sounded like coat!). It's in the context of the Bayern manager Hitzfeld being a lucky {something] and the latest comments by folk on their instagram post reckon it's "coach", as the sentence is "you told me Hitzfeld was a lucky c**t/coat/coach", the latter obviously makes the most sense.
  12. A "flight" in a pub that showcases different types is good. Allows you to smell the differences between the types which I think is a big part of it. Honestly, the more whisky I try, feel like the less I know what's going on in terms of what I enjoy! Which is sortof frustrating but is also part of the charm I reckon. Big thing for me in terms of what I generally like are the casks used (i.e. port, sherry compared to ex-bourbon for example). I think focusing on that a bit more when I first started drinking whisky is the thing I'd have done differently. But each to their own.
  13. I like this photo, in the season Gullit and Cruyff played (and won the double) together at Feyenoord. As someone who grew up in the 90s I was kinda surprised they crossed over. And I also kinda like that that the way the photo is framed you don't see the sponsor on Cruyff's shirt, it's a bit (maybe very!) tenuous but adds to the two different eras coming together (also with the Dutch team starting to see people with Surinamese and their other colonies backgrounds getting into the national team).
  14. Don't disagree with your fundamental point, but there would have been the opportunity to groundshare post ICT in 04/05 SPL season so probably could have got promotion. I have always kindof wondered if Brockville could have been turned into a 6,000 seater stadium. Ignoring whether it would have made much sense, would it have been feasible anyone know?
  15. Dunno if anyone else had the 1992 Super Top Trumps European Club Football edition, but I always thought that was Crunchie representing Chelsea, pretty sure it is? (appreciate this might be the most boring question ever)
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