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  1. You mistake realism for 'miserableness' , the common mistake of vacuous optimists throughout the ages. It's perfectly ok to be both excited and delighted that Scotland are at the finals while simultaneously being of the opinion that this injury affected Scotland team are not, at the minute, very good and may well lose all three matches and possibly take a pasting from Germany. It's the healthy way. Since first watching Scotland in major finals in 1974 the only time I've not felt like this was Argentina 78 and we all know how that turned out.
  2. We lose to Germany... thinking otherwise is , as you might phrase it, a fundamental lack of self-awareness. Therefore, what's the best method for making the knockout stage ? A. Going full pelt against Germany, getting beat 2 or 3 - 0 and losing MacTomimay, McGinn, Tierney for the next two games ? B. Playing sensibly, within our self, marshalling our slender resources to target two games we could possibly win ?
  3. That's why I'm trying to invoke a feeling of impending disaster in the hope that turns into the most memorable tournament in our history.
  4. With current form suggesting that Scotland may be on course for an unwelcome piece of Euro history against Germany by suffering the heaviest defeat in the tournaments history, the simple question is....just how bad could it get. ? I am, of course, desperately trying to invoking a reverse Argentina '78 scenario ...
  5. We can try all we like we won't beat Germany....we try with everything we have against Switzerland & Hungary.
  6. Oh dear..... unleash your inner McGlashan.
  7. Shankland to start...rest the 'quality' players. We will lose this game quite comfortably whatever the case , let's not risk injuries for the two games in which we stand a bit of a chance.
  8. I would imagine we will have a lot of Dutch cheering us on that night.
  9. Indeed, the nearest to a 'mini Bale' that this country will ever produce.
  10. You think Doak is 'a mini Bale' based on what exactly ? Hope you're right But considering that in our 150 odd year history Scotland has never had a player with the game changing properties of Bale at his peak I sense you may be wrong, sadly.
  11. Having been the first country knocked out of a World Cup without losing a game it would only be fitting to be the first to win the Euros without scoring a goal.
  12. 'Create fake accolades' ? From a man who regularly posts the falsehood that Celtic's 67 European Cup win is the single greatest achievement in the history of all club football ? Wow...both beyond parody and further proof, if proof needed, that Glasgow Rangers and Glasgow Celtic and their tedious band of paranoid, delusional and humourless supporters are exactly the same. A pathetic set of Siamese twins forever conjoined at the arse existing solely to give life to the other.
  13. As those Springsteen photos show, an indoor show always the way...I'm old, so Ian Dury & The Blockheads, Tiffanys Sauchiehall St, 1980. B52's, Edinburgh Tiffanys, 1980. Too much rain & Tennents Super made the 1979 Ingliston Van Morrison, Talking Heads, Undertones, Squeeze etc not as memorable as such a line-up should have been and turned me against outdoor gigs ever since.
  14. That's their problem not ours. Kick them out of Scottish football and if no one else takes them and they subsequently wither and die all the better.
  15. Celtic - Rangers always drawn together in first round. Same for League Cup while we're at it. Therefore no more bigot Cup Finals , opens up draw for non establishment clubs, and allows League to scrap the four times a season nonsense by guaranteeing four Old Firm fixtures which apparently Scottish football cannot survive without.
  16. "Annoying Americanisms thread for this shite" 'What Film' or 'What Picture', if you don't mind.
  17. Scotland has one tenth of the population of England. That's a statistical fact. Which I'm fine with. It's not a deliberate massaging of the population numbers to do down those rebellious Scots. Inferiority complex ? Stockholm syndrome ? I really do hope you're not a psychiatrist.
  18. You clearly can. And if national BBC coverage was all there was to be had you might have a point, albeit a porridge brained sub-MacGlashan point, but there are Scottish broadcast media channels as you well know but that doesn't really suit the b*****d English narrative. London based BBC caters for the various home nations proportionally about right.
  19. 50 million - 5 million....it's fair enough.
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