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  1. It's not a league game it's a supposedly 'neutral' national cup final. The real scandal is why it's played in Glasgow at all. A totally full Tannadice would be both fairer geographically and more atmospheric than a three quarter full Hampden.....and making Hampden exclusively the venue for the final only adds to the day.
  2. So there is no 7th ? Well you are wrong. There is a 7th and it's beautiful and tender and precious. You, on the other hand are none of these things. You lack the imagination, wit and command of language to call other people thick. You rude little character.
  3. Why not just draw lots in August to see which one of them wins another fatuous title.
  4. There's no such thing as 7th place !!! I like it. It can be our USP: "Scottish Football.....where there's no such thing as 7th place" If only the SPFL could eradicate the Old Firm secterian songbook as easily.
  5. Can't agree in this case... Going top of the league trumps securing a totally irrelevant 'top six' place.
  6. To which the correct and obvious answer would be "a vile institution, posing as two football clubs, designed to fan the flames of tribal division and secterian hatred in order to make money from thick bigots, which has no place in Scottish society, never mind Scottish football, in the 21st century. Now what is it you two pieces of crud require clarification on ?".
  7. Another Music In A Different Kitchen - Buzzcocks Love Bites - Buzzcocks Never Mind The Bollocks....- Sex Pistols Blank Generation - Richard Hell & The Voidoids Hypnotised - Undertones
  8. You'll get a job on Sportsound with that attitude !
  9. Meet the new Rangers, same as the old Rangers. Meet the Old Firm, same as the old Old Firm.
  10. The term 'Old Firm' will die when we no longer have two secterian football clubs in Glasgow whose business model is predicated on carving up Scottish football for their own financial benefit. Sadly that's not happening anytime soon.
  11. The real issue which sums up the corrupt ways of Scottish football is that we all know with certainty that had Rangers been playing at home against any Scottish team other than their sectarian Siamese twin they would not have had a penalty awarded against them or had a goal disallowed as happened yesterday. And of course the same applies to Celtic at Parkhead. Kick them both out of Scottish football and do it now , please.
  12. What part would you miss most ? ? The foul abuse ? The undertow of tribal hatred ? The whole idea that you can't watch and enjoy a game of football if you're seated in the vicinity of someone who may want another team to win is the very definition of 'moronic' in my opinion.
  13. Oh God aye, we don't want any of that poncy behaving like civilised human beings while sitting watching sport when we could be battering shite out of each other because his scarf's a different colour than mine..........And then we have people on these forums wondering in all seriousness why you can have a drink at the rugby but not the football ?
  14. Sadly the game of football in Scotland will only win when these two vile clubs cease to exist
  15. The Scottish top flight is not competitive..... indeed it scarcely qualifies as 'a competition' considering only one entity can ever win it. The idea that something/anything can 'be worse' than the tedious, predictable, repetitive, low quality product we have at the moment is a strange one.
  16. Would be far more interesting if the league split after five games instead of with five games remaining. Otherwise it's a nonsense that says we're happy with crumbs from the Old Firm table and the fact that two clubs are vastly richer than the rest combined. Kick out the Old Firm, scrap the split and have two divisions playing each other twice.
  17. I was quite impressed with San Diego when I went there, rather less so on hearing that.
  18. You clearly don't know the meaning of the word 'bizarre'. I didn't watch the Hungary 1953 team of Puskas etc but I'll bet my house on that team being better than the current Hungary . Do you also find that assertion 'bizarre'. ? I also didn't see the Airdrie team that won the Scottish Cup in 1924 but will state, like the bizarre fool I am, that they were a better team than the Airdrie of today.
  19. It may make this team statistically more successful but it would not make them player for player a better team. No one would seriously make that claim, certainly compared to the 1928 team. Shankland, Dykes, Adams or Hughie Gallacher ? McTominey or Alex James ? Ryan Christie or Alan Morton ? Aye, right !!!
  20. Indeed...insanely optimistic, cheerfully deluded, and if you think that wriggling out of the group (which we won't do anyway) would make this Scotland team better than the 1928 Wembley Wizards or the 67 or 77 Scotland teams then that's an opinion alright..
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