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The New Raith Rovers Thread

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Is he fit?

Is he available?

Would my heart explode with joy?

Could the three questions above be more homo-erotic?


Personally, i think this would be a bad idea. Injury prone to the max, i mean how many games did he manage last season. Its too much of a gamble.

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Was that sign not put up by Fife Council which is the council for the whole of Fife (including Kirkcaldy), We can't help it if they regard us as the Big Superior City can we?

Given the state of football in the Kingdom being Fife's Elite Force is akin to being Peterhead's Most Popular Prisoner.

No offence like.

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I have a new favourite FanTalk post from this week. I know they call it the Silly Season, but some things are just ridiculous beyond belief.

"I presume it would be an all-ticket game like usual, I wonder if BBC Scotland would be prepared to show a 1st round match live for fans who can't get to the game, it is a Fife derby."


Yes, definitely, BBC Scotland are going to shift River City out the way to put on East Fife v Raith Rovers, because about 40 of you without season tickets can't get to the game.

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