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It was an enjoyable episode and a pretty decent farewell. 

A few odd/annoying things:

Dan leaving at the start of the episode. Even with him wanting to step back, Yaz still would have gone to get him again when she was rounding up people in the Tardis to help bring the Doctor back.

Graham didn't need to be at the volcano. His wee group meeting at the end was nice and would have sufficed, even if it meant he didn't actually see the Doctor again.

The Daleks didn't need to be in that episode at all. The timelordy Cybermen fitted the story perfectly but the Daleks were just there so they could be in the adverts/trailers. The traitor Dalek could have been an interesting story in itself (though just a repeat of Rusty) but was just swept aside instantly.

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Enjoyable, and a great twist at the end. Tennant will star in 3 episodes, airing in November 2023.

I have been original Doctor Who with the kids. When all the cameos were coming in, my son said that they would not have any original companions. He assumed they were all dead. Then Ian popped up, the actor almost 100 years old. 

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Thinking about the companions they didn't bring back. Obviously the ones whose actors are dead (e.g. Sarah-Jane, Victoria, Ben and Barbara) or who aren't on present-day Earth (e.g. Rose, Amy, Nyssa, Leela, Zoe and Jamie) but I didn't see Polly or Martha. Think they got just about everybody else though!

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9 hours ago, scottsdad said:

Watched the first 3 episodes of The Keys of Marinus last night. Best looking Doctor Who baddies ever:


Defeated when Barbara picked up a stick and bashed them to death.

Keys of Marinus is such a fun story. Hope you've enjoyed it.

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Still going through the very early series. William Hartnell is excellent in his second series. Looking for mischief, quite a bit of humour. In The Romans, an assassin tried to kill him leading to a fairly (for DW) prolonged fight scene. When Vicki walked in and the fight ended, he ticked her off for ending his fun "in the art of fisticuffs". 

The Romans was just bonkers. Nero chasing Barbara around the halls, Ian as a slave..all fun. That said, the more I watch the more I like Barbara. You can keep Rose, Clara, Amy and all the new ones. She is far better than the lot. Susan has gone, thankfully. By the end her job was to be terrified and scream at everything. 

On The Web Planet now which is a more straightforward good vs evil story. 


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Vicki has a cute pet. 

Barbara takes a gun and blows it's brains out because it made a scary noise. 

Vicki is upset. 

The Doctor consoles her. "Well, child, I would have done the same thing. Now, don't you feel better?" 

Vicki is happy again. 

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On 15/11/2022 at 22:08, Clown Job said:

Been watching the new early episodes

I know it was the mid 00’s but some of they production values are rough 

Tennent though is genuinely magnificent 

Also, what happened to these guys? 

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I think they present the Skaro version of Playschool now.

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